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BioSpirit is a brand specialized in good food products, which was founded in 1993 in Moià with the name "Luz de Vida" ("Light of Life"). The brand's main goal is the marketing and distribution of 100% ecological products, respecting people and the environment without adding any chemical component throughout the process.


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DISCOUNT10% dtoSunflower seeds bio - 500g
Sunflower seeds bio - 500gDried Fruit and Nuts
Biospirit Bio Sunflower Seeds are natural sunflower seeds of 100% organic origin, without any...
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DISCOUNT10% dtoBio toasted sesame tahini - 330g
Bio toasted sesame tahini - 330gNut creams
Biospirit Bio Toasted Sesame Tahini is a spreadable paste resulting from crushing toasted and...
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DISCOUNT10% dtoRaw hazelnut with bio skin - 150g
Raw hazelnut with bio skin - 150gDried Fruit and Nuts
Biospirit's Raw Hazelnut with BIO skin has been obtained from organic farming, is gluten-free...
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DISCOUNTBio commune almond - 150g
Bio commune almond - 150gDried Fruit and Nuts
Biospirit's Bio Comuna Almond offers natural almonds of the 100% Comuna variety type, which have...
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DISCOUNTOrganic walnuts halves - 150g
Organic walnuts halves - 150gDried Fruit and Nuts
Bio Half Walnuts by Biospirit are walnuts that are hulled, peeled and split in half. They are...
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DISCOUNTOrganic pumpkin seeds - 250g
Organic pumpkin seeds - 250gDried Fruit and Nuts
Biospirit Bio Pumpkin Seeds are 100% natural pumpkin seeds, from organic farming. They are...
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DISCOUNTAgave dark bio syrup - 240ml
Agave dark bio syrup - 240mlBio sauces and syrups
Biospirit Dark Bio Agave Syrup is a delicious 100% natural Premium dark agave syrup from organic...
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DISCOUNTOrganic raw cocoa powder - 250g
Organic raw cocoa powder - 250gCacao en Polvo
Biospirit Organic Raw Cocoa Powder is cocoa powder of organic origin, made from 100% cocoa...
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DISCOUNTOrganic whole oat flour - 500g
Organic whole oat flour - 500gOatmeal
Biospirit's Organic Whole Oat Flour is a healthy and high quality food obtained through organic...
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DISCOUNTWhite blackberries bio - 100g
White blackberries bio - 100gDried Fruit and Nuts
Bio Whiteberries from Biospirit are 100% natural whiteberries from organic farming. They are a...
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DISCOUNTOrganic sultanas raisins - 125g
Organic sultanas raisins - 125gDried Fruit and Nuts
These Bio Sultanas Raisins from Biospirit have originated from organic farming. They are fresh...
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DISCOUNTGerminated cereals - 250g
Germinated cereals - 250gFlakes and Cereals
These Biospirit Sprouted Cereals offer a gluten-free, 100% vegan preparation that provides nuts,...
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DISCOUNTRaw bio cashew nuts - 150g
Raw bio cashew nuts - 150gDried Fruit and Nuts
Biospirit's Raw Bio Cashews are a healthy food from 100% organic farming, which provides...
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The growth and evolution of the company has been such, that it currently consists of a 6000 square meters facility, very close to Girona that houses all sectors of the company, offices, production, entrances and exits.

As of 2009, the name of all the products from the Luz de Vida brand was changed progressively, by BioSpirit, which is the name that has the distributor company; distributing more than 2500 products today.