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Wholemeal tahin toasted - 225g

Biocop Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin is an exquisite cream that has been prepared following the traditional oriental recipe of "Tahini", which comes from wholemeal sesame seeds, and is also very rich in calcium, fiber and proteins. So this product is extremely appetizing to make hummus cream.

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    Biocop's Roasted Wholegrain Tahin is the cream you need to enrich your oriental dishes. Ideal for hummus cream, to season Shawarmas, among other specialties

    Biocop's Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin is a delicious and traditional food cream that has been prepared from whole sesame seeds, already ground and roasted. In this way, it becomes an almost indispensable ingredient for the preparation of different oriental recipes, such as Hummus and other creams. In addition to its rich flavor it is also used to spread with bread, use as a dressing, among other rich uses.

    Biocop's Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin is a nutritious pasta that comes from oriental cuisine, thanks to its pleasant flavor and enormous benefits. In general, it is a cream-colored food, with a fairly pronounced and exquisite flavor, which is made essentially with whole and roasted whole sesame seeds. In addition, this sauce already has salt, so it can be added to recipes more conveniently and deliciously.

    Normally this Roasted Wholegrain Tahin from Biocop is a substantial ingredient in the hummus cream (chickpea puree) and also Baba Ganush (aubergine puree). In fact, it is such a versatile food that it can be used as a tasty spread to be eaten with common table bread, pita bread or with toast. It is even mixed a little with lemon juice, water, garlic and olive oil, mainly to achieve an exquisite dressing and in this way add it to the typical meat skewers, Shawarmas and faláfel, among other delicious dishes.

    Now, as this rich Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin from Biocop is a food derived from sesame seeds, it should not be omitted that it really is quite prodigious in nutrients. So it is very rich in minerals, especially calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. It is also a huge source of vegetable protein, fiber, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins B1, B9 and E. Even if this food is combined with legumes, it helps to form a more complete protein.

    By eating this delicious Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin from Biocop, your body can also boost its energy day by day, as the fatty acid content makes energy performance rise entirely. Likewise, its consumption collaborates with a healthy digestive process, and this rich food is also highly assimilable.

    Specifications of Biocop Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin per 100 gr:

    • Made with wholegrain sesame seeds (83.7%), decorticated sesame seeds, salt
    • It has an energy value of 567 kcal
    • With 47 g of fat
    • Of which 6.6 gr are saturated
    • Has 8.2 grams of carbohydrates
    • Of which only 0.3 gr are sugars
    • With 14 gr of fiber
    • With 20 gr of protein
    • With only 1.3 g of salt

    If you are enthusiastic about oriental food, this exquisite Toasted Whole Wheat Tahin from Biocop should not be missed. It is a key component for your elaborations, you can also put your imagination to the test, and use it deliciously in common recipes, such as salads, sandwiches, creams, sauces, and much more.

    Recommended use: use this rich Roasted Whole Wheat Tahin from Biocop to make Hummus, Baba Ganush, to use as a dressing for faláfel, Shawarmas and salads, or to use as a spread and eat it with bread, toasts, sandwiches, pita bread, etc.

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