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Whole wheat spelled bread with oats - 400g

Biocop's Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats is a healthy product that you can use to make very rich and nutritious breakfasts, snacks or dinners, either in the form of toasts, sandwiches, it is also ideal for sandwiches. This bread is made very healthy for your diet based on whole grain oatmeal and spelled flours, which are rich in fiber, energy and protein.

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    The Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats is the baked food you need to start eating richer and healthier. It's smooth, delicious, and nutritious!

    The Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats is an appetizing sliced bread that you can include in your diet in a healthy way, especially since it is made with flours that are more nutritious and indicated than refined flour. So this food is composed of whole spelled flour and oats, which provide a smooth texture and a rich flavor. Also have a light touch of rice syrup.

    The Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats is a tasty product that will help you eat healthier, and especially when it comes to eating bread. In this way, this food is prepared and baked with two incredibly nutritious ingredients such as whole spelled and oatmeal flours (plus small oat flakes), these cereals being very rich in benefits, both in their quality of being more assimilable and in its abundance in nutrients.

    This Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats is really a bread that you can eat when you like it the most, as it will provide you with a lot of dietary fiber that will satisfy your appetite and will also help with a pleasant digestion. It will also provide stable and lasting energy thanks to its richness in complex carbohydrates. In addition, both oats and spelled are very rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which complement any diet, including that of children, adults and athletes.

    Thanks to these virtues, with this tasty Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats from Biocop you can prepare the most nutritious breakfasts, since it is a sliced bread that is used to make sandwiches, toasts, sandwiches, even to spread on any delicious cream Be it peanuts, hazelnuts, chocolate, butter, jam, and much more.

    Certainly some people love this rich Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Sliced Bread with Oats since it is already pre-sliced. In addition, its flavor is definitely the best, as it has a sweet touch thanks to the rice syrup. It is also extremely soft for any palate, so you will delight it from the moment you taste it until you finish it.

    Specifications of Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats per 100 gr

    • Made with whole spelled flour (36%), water, spelled yeast (16%), whole oat flakes (8%), whole oat flour (7%), sunflower oil (4%), rice.
    • It has an energy value of 291 kcal
    • With 7 grams of fat
    • Of which only 0.68 gr are saturated
    • Provides 45.5 g of carbohydrates
    • Of which 4 gr are sugars
    • With 5.5 g of dietary fiber
    • With 8.7 g of protein
    • With only 1.4 g of salt

    Bread is a substantial food in the diet, that is why you should always choose healthier options such as this soft Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats from Biocop. Perfect for the day to day, and very appetizing on the palate.

    Recommended use : Use this tasty Biocop Whole Wheat Spelled Bread with Oats to make sandwiches, toasts, sandwiches, or enjoy it spreading creamy products on it. Ideal for breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner.

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