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Raisins sultanas rapunzel - 500g

Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop are a dry fruit that has a delicious sweet flavor and a smooth and juicy texture so that you can accompany foods such as mueslis, yogurt, compotes, among others, or simply consume them on their own as an exquisite snack for both adults and children. They provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

    Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop: delicious, juicy and nutritious.

    Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop are made by means of a process of drying of grapes, which allows them to conserve a delicious sweet and juicy flavor, and at the same time the characteristic properties and benefits of grapes. They are ideal for children because they contain the natural sugar characteristic of the fruit, which will give them the energy needed in the growth stage. On the other hand, they can be consumed as a companion of different foods, be it yoghurt, compotes, mueslis or recipes that require that great sweet touch, or simply as a very rich snack for those moments in which you fancy a rich sweet. The Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop are delicious and also provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the health of our body.

    Including nuts in our diet is a great help to provide nutrients to our body. Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop are nuts of delicious flavor that possesses a large amount of nutrients necessary to collaborate with the health of our body, so their consumption is recommended as long as the indicated portions are not exceeded to prevent go beyond the daily caloric intake. Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop are sun dried, which gives a delicious sweet taste and likewise preserve their juice and aroma making them the ideal appetizer for the moment you want to consume them.

    This delicious dry fruit is a natural sweet, ideal for the little ones to consume as it is free of preservatives and chemicals, for this reason it becomes the ideal dessert for the snack, both for adults and children. They are also commonly used to accompany different dishes or as an ingredient of others, since their sweet flavor gives a wonderful touch to different recipes. Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop contain the nutrients of the grapes, so they keep the sugar and carbohydrates of them, this leads to provide your body with energy for the development of your daily activities. On the other hand, they have a high nutritional value and provide a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are necessary for health care. Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop are the ideal appetizer or companion of your meals, since it is completely natural and has a sweet and exquisite taste that is unparalleled.

    Facts of Raisins Sultanas Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Provides great fiber content
    • Provides the body with energy due to its high content of sugars characteristic of the fruit
    • Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals
    • Convenient and practical presentation for you to take anywhere and eat it as an appetizer

    There are moments when we fancy to eat some candy, however sometimes we stop doing it because they contain refined sugar. This is a natural sweet that has sugar characteristic of the fruit, that is, fructose and therefore it will calm the anxiety in a natural way for both adults and children.

    Recommended use: these delicious raisins can be eaten either on their own or as an appetizer or as dressings for mueslis, yogurt, compotes or different recipes.

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