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Flower salt (rapunzel) - 90g

The Sal de Flores (Rapunzel) from Biocop is a rich organic seasoning that is made from rock salt. In addition to making it a much richer product, a mixture of colorful floral leaves and delicate Mediterranean spices has also been incorporated, which provides a wonderful aroma to your meals. So you can use this salt to flavor sauces, meats, soups, salads, etc.

      Add a touch of flavor, color and delicate aroma to your meals with this Flower Salt (Rapunzel) from Biocop. Made from rock salt, enriched with aromatic spices and flowers

      The Flower Salt (Rapunzel) from Biocop is a rich seasoning that is essentially made with rock salt, also known as halite salt. It is an organic salt that is larger than common, even drier and purer. However, its flavor has been improved with a rich mixture of flowers and fine Mediterranean spices, especially for you to use to season your meals, such as meat, fish, etc.

      The Sal de Flores (Rapunzel) from Biocop is a delicate seasoning that has not been too refined like common salt, for that reason its consumption is highly recommended. In fact, this seasoning comes naturally from rock salt from Germany, which is famous for being coarser, drier and purer than table salt. Even its taste is slightly bitter.

      However, for this Biocop Flower Salt (Rapunzel) to be mostly rich in your elaborations, an exquisite mixture of floral leaves and appetizing Mediterranean spices, such as basil, sunflower petals, oregano, has been incorporated into its content. the petals of cornflower, calendula, rose, rosemary and yarrow, these being extremely aromatic and delicious.

      In addition, with this tasty combination of this Flower Salt (Rapunzel) from Biocop an excellent salt dressing is achieved, mainly to add flavor to all kinds of foods, such as meats, fish, sauces, creams, pasta, stews, soups, broths, and much more. This salt is also very rich with salads, as its contribution in flowers helps to enhance the seasoning of vegetables and other organic ingredients much more.

      This Flower Salt (Rapunzel) from Biocop is also used to marinate and help preserve food, as one of the uses of rock salt is to contribute to the duration of the preparations. However, this seasoning also stands out for its contribution of more than 84 minerals that perfectly maintain health. In the same way, it is a salt that gives energy, improves mood in a certain way, and removes acidity from the body's cells.

      Specifications of the Sal de Flores (Rapunzel) from Biocop per 100 gr:

      • Made with rock salt, basil, oregano, rosemary, sunflower petals, cornflower, calendula, rose and yarrow.
      • It has an energy value of 351 kcal
      • Provides 11 grams of fat
      • Of which 2.6 gr are saturated
      • With 54 gr of carbohydrates
      • Of which 52 gr are sugars
      • With 9 grams of dietary fiber
      • With 4.5 grams of protein
      • With only 0.06 g of salt

      Having salt at home is very essential, since it depends on the exquisite taste of your meals. That is why you should choose the richest, most natural and healthy one, such as this delicious Flower Salt (Rapunzel) from Biocop.

      Recommended use : Use this tasty Flower Salt (Rapunzel) from Biocop to season recipes, such as creams, sauces, salads, purees, soups, broths, meats, stews, fish, vegetables, among others.

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