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BiManán Linea is a Spanish company that leads the line of weight maintenance products, belonging to the Nutrition & Santé group. This line of products has been developed to demonstrate that the maintenance of the weight and the good flavor can go perfectly hand in hand.

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Batonnets - 6 x 31g
Batonnets - 6 x 31gBiManán Linea
Batonnets from Bimanan are bars or sticks that can be a substitute for one or several meals,...
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Meal Replacement Cream - 2 x 210g BiManán Linea - 1
Meal Replacement Cream - 2 x 210gBiManán Linea
Meal Replacement Cream from Bimanan is a delicious strong-chocolate-flavored cream to eat and...
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quemagrasas reductor 24 g
BiManan Fat Burner Reducer - 36 capsulesBiManán Linea
BiManan Fat Burner Reducer from BiManan Linea is what you need to purify your body and control...
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Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE - 5 x 30g
Meal substitute shake - 5 x 30gBiManán Linea
Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE from Bimanan is a delicious and practical milkshake with...
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Bimanan fat burner - 300ml
Fat Burner - 300 mlBiManán Linea
Fat Burner from Bimanan, in its commercial presentation of 200 ml, allows to accelerate the...
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Fat burner - 40 caps
Fat burner - 40 capsBiManán Linea
The capsules of Fat burner from BiManán Plus are specially formulated to help the body eliminate...
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Choco orange bars - 6 x 31g
Snack Bars - 6 x 31gBiManán Linea
Snack Bars from Bimanan, in its format of 6 units of 31 grams each, have been designed to...
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BiManán Linea is a Spanish company that was established in 1978, which leads the line of weight maintenance products, belonging to the Nutrition & Santé group. It has among its objectives: to produce and sell natural and healthy products that although they are produced in order to maintain the weight of any person, they look for the balance between pleasure and well-being. Its products are made with ingredients that derive in a rich flavor and benefits that come from nature.

BiManán is a brand that is dedicated to the production and sale of dietary products, whose variety ranges from smoothies, bars, custards, cookies, pasta, creams, redublock pills, mushroom risotto, intense chocolate cream to crunchy muesli, among others, to be consumed by men and women who want to maintain a figure without excess weight and free of fats. This line is manufactured only with products derived from organic farming, they are one of the few companies that sell products free of gluten, sugar, meat or vegetables.

The BiManán brand belonged to the German pharmaceutical group Merck, which was then sold to the French group Nutrition & Santé. Before it was Biomanán that was developed by the Spanish subsidiary of Merck in 1978 in Spain, which is the only country in the world where it has a presence. The basis of this sale was made with the objective of matching the local strategy with that of the company in the rest of the countries where dietary products are not available to maintain the weight.

BiManán enjoys prestige in the market and has a great experience in that sector, something very important because its products are backed by scientific studies and have the nutritional composition required by the human body to stay in optimal conditions, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a proportion lower than 900 calories.

BiManán makes a difference because it has dedicated its effort to produce within the food sector, a range of products aimed at people who want to maintain weight in a different way, pleasant, enjoyable and effective.

BiManán has used its creativity in making its weight maintenance products more attractive, it has included vanilla and chocolate as its great allies whose flavor and aroma attracts the best palates, and allows the substitution of those foods that prevent a healthy diet, use these specially structured products with formulas that give you the feeling of fullness to achieve the goal of maintaining weight in a prolonged manner.

BiManán not only offers dietary foods but also offers an intelligent approach and transparency to nutrition by guiding the consumers on what is best for them according to their needs. Among the substitute proposals to maintain weight, all solutions help eliminate those unwanted kilos or uncomfortable fats in an effective and healthy way.