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M.A.P. Advanced - 500 g

M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan is a spectacular powder that contains the 9 essential amino acids required by the demanding body of an athlete or gym lovers. Its effective and advanced formula provides the nutrients that help you boost your physical performance and promote your muscle recovery, making it ideal to consume after daily workouts.

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    Get more by taking M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan. It is everything your body needs to perform at its best!

    M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan is an incredible sports supplement that comes in powder and has an exquisite flavor. Its advanced formula made from a master amino acid pattern, makes it an advanced protein supplement that protects the body of the athlete giving life and health to his muscles.

    Plus, M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan increases the strength of the athlete for a greater performance and promotes recovery after high-intensity workouts. It is the perfect combination after your workouts.

    Nutrition facts of M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan:

    • Food supplement based on a Master Amino Acid Pattern.
    • Promotes muscle development.
    • Helps faster recovery.
    • Quickly reabsorbed.
    • Avoids muscle catabolism.
    • Maximizes your strength.

    What does each serving of M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan provide?

    M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan is developed in an extraordinary 500 g powder presentation, so it will be your best allies at the end of your workouts. Thanks to this form, they are easy to combine by saving your time in the best possible way. You will not have to worry about weighing the grams necessary for each intake, since M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan provides an extraordinary measuring spoon.

    Content per dose (10 g / aroma: cola) of M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan:

    • 1.5 g of l-leucine.
    • 0.75 g of l-isoleucine.
    • 0.75 g of l-valine.
    • 1.47 g of l-lysine.
    • 1.2 g of l-phenylalalin.
    • 1.01 g of l-threonine.
    • 0.47 g of l-histidine.
    • 0.25 g of l-methionine.
    • 0.13 g of l-tryptophan.
    • 20 mg of BCAAs.

    Why should you take M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan?

    Bigman brand is a company with a vast experience in the nutritional field. It is dedicated to meeting the standards of professional athletes and the general public. The quality and effectiveness of its supplements provide the nutrients that athletes need to achieve their proposed objectives.

    For this reason, this brand puts at your disposal M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan, a powder rich in amino acids with a delicious flavor, which is perfect to take care of athletes´ life and guarantees maximum performance, increases muscle fiber and also helps you boost your performance.

    M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan makes you increasingly competent to reach wherever you want, as it provides you with the essential nutrients to keep your body well-balanced.

    M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan is a delicious sports supplement that is perfect to be used by those athletes who have high muscle wear in their workouts. It is also ideal for those athletes who are looking for a speedy muscle recovery and a progressive and efficient increase in their muscle mass. 

    In turn, M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan is perfect for people who are not capable of meeting the daily protein requirements. Last but not least, M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan is also designed for those people who want to enrich their diet with an extra supply of protein.

    Recommended daily dose of M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan:

    • As a food supplement, dissolve 10 g of M.A.P. Advanced from BigMan in 250 ml of water.
    • Take preferably after your workouts.
    • Take once a day.
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