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Instant rice flour - 1.5kg

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Instant Rice Flour by Bigman contains instant rice flour with sweetener. It has been made with ground ricet to transform it into flour. This instant rice flour is really nutritious and contains a delicious aroma and appetising flavour. You can use it to your meals and smoothies.

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    Use this delicious and practical Instant Rice Flour by Bigman to prepare incredible recipes and to add it to your smoothies.

    Due to its nutritional contribution, Instant Rice Flour by Bigman represents a source of quality carbohydrates, free of gluten and without added sugars. You can easily add this flour in your diet and enjoy it thanks to the delicious flavours it has such as chocolate, white chocolate, Oreo cookie and Maria cookie.

    Essential characteristics of 100 g of Instant Rice Flour by Bigman

    • It contains 344.70 kj / 1440.80 kcal
    • It has 1.00 g of fat of which 0.30 g are saturated
    • It contains 75.80 g of carbohydrates of which 0.1 g are sugars
    • It provides 1.90 g of fiber
    • It contains 7.40 g of protein
    • It has 0.01 g of sodium

    Ingredients and format of Instant Rice Flour by Bigman

    This nutritious Instant Rice Flour by Bigman is packaged in container of 1.5 kg and has 4 different delicious flavours such as chocolate, white chocolate, Oreo cookie and Maria cookie.

    Among its ingredients, it has the followingm details:

    • It is gluten free
    • It does not contain sugars
    • It is low fat
    • It contains proteins of high biological value
    • It has complex carbohydrates
    • It contains egg, milk and soy
    • It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    What is achieved with Instant Rice Flour by Bigman?

    Instant Rice Flour by Bigman is recommended for those who want to add a source of extra calories and vegetable protein to their diet in a healthy way. This flour is perfect for pancakes, sauces, doughs, pastries, bread and crepes. It is a good substitute for traditional wheat flour. Instant Rice Flour by Bigman is a tasty way to include healthy carbohydrates in your diet and provide the energy that your body needs to face a new day.

    Benefits of Instant Rice Flour by Bigman

    This instant rice flour is easy to use since it is dissolved immediately. Bigman's Rice Flour provides you with unique benefits for your body. It gives you energy, is a healthy source of carbohydrates and contributes to a healthy and balanced diet. It also helps you to keep and develop muscle mass. In addition, it helps you to meet fiber requirements and digestive health.

    In fact, Instant Rice Flour by Bigman is gluten-free and low in fat. It is an instant rice flour, which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians

    Instant Rice Flour by Bigman is perfect for anyone, especially for athletes who need a great source of energy and those who are looking for extra calories.

    How is Instant Rice Flour by Bigman ingested?

    • This delicious Bigman Rice Flour is the perfect food supplement to eat at any time of the day.
    • Instant Rice Flour by Bigman can be taken directly dissolved in water, milk or juice.
    • You can also use Instant Rice Flour by Bigman to cook your favourite dishes, for all types of creams or for your smoothies. It gives them a better thickness and extra calories.
    • Using Instant Rice Flour by Bigman, you can make delicious rice cookies, a delicious rice bread, pancakes, biscuits, pudding, creams, crepes and tortillas.

    Customer reviews: Instant rice flour - 1.5kg

    4 Reviews
    4 stars
    Very good rice flour, I usually take it both in pancakes and combining it with whey protein shakes and it goes great
    Very good flour to prepare tortillas, crepes or shakes along with protein. I use it for everything
    Good rice flour, I usually combine it with oatmeal alternating them and it goes better than when I only used oatmeal
    It is a good rice flour and at a very good price for the size of the package, alternating it with oatmeal and it makes me feel great
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