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Cluster dextrin - 1 kg

Cluster Dextrin by Bigman is made of branched cyclodextrin, a cutting-edge carbohydrate, highly efficient and very easy to be assimilated and absorbed. Its capable of providing you with immediate energy for your workouts, without increasing the amounts of insulin in your body. It improves your performance and the recovery of muscles during and after doing your workouts.

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    Cluster Dextrin by Bigman, a supplement that provides you with instant energy, improving your physical performance and muscle recovery.

    Cyclodextrin is an extraordinary carbohydrate, which contains different benefits that improves muscle performance. This carbohydrate has a high molecular weight, but at the same time, it has a low osmolarity, which in other words means that it can offer even more advantages than a conventional carbohydrate. It is absorbed in a fast way offering an effective assimilation. Cluster Dextrin by Bigman is a supplement that uses this carbohydrate in its purest and most branched form, gluten-free and without sweeteners. This extraordinary supplement has incredible benefits that offers good amounts of energy almost immediately. It also keeps insulin spikes under control, it helps in the recovery of glycogen lost during intense training while It helps in the fast and effective muscular recovery. The combination of these advantages makes Cluster Dextrin by Bigman the perfect support for an athlete or fitness athlete in order to pursue the best results for the development of their body and muscles.

    Essentials of Cluster Dextrin 

    • It is a supplement that increases energy
    • It provides immediate energy
    • It has a high molecular weight
    • It is absorbed and assimilated very easily
    • It helps the rapid replacement of muscle glycogen
    • It accelerates and improves muscle recovery
    • It increases endurance and muscle strength
    • It improves physical performance
    • It keeps an acceptable insulin level
    • It is very easy to digest
    • It has a low osmolarity
    • It provides rapid gastric emptying
    • It is an excellent source of energy without sugar
    • It does not contain gluten
    • It keeps your energy for a longer time


    What does Cluster Dextrin by BigMan provide?

    Cluster Dextrin by Bigman comes in a powder presentation, in sufficient quantities so you can make an instant energy shake to help improve your exercise performance.

    Cluster Dextrin by Bigman is made with a proprietary highly branched Cyclodextrin from Cluster Dextrin®

    Content per service (25 g)

    • It has an energy value of 95.2 Kcal
    • It contains 0 g of fat
    • It has 24.2 g of carbohydrates
    • It contains 0 g of salt


    What is achieved with Cluster Dextrin by BigMan?

    Cluster Dextrin by Bigman is designed to be a support for your workouts. Cluster Dextrin by Bigman quickly gives you the energy you need for your workouts without premature effects of fatigue and tiredness.

    Cluster Dextrin by Bigman is perfect for athletes looking for a sugar-free energy supplement. It is perfect for athletes who want to effectively replenish muscle glycogen stores.


    Recommended Daily Dose of Cluster Dextrin by BigMan

    • As a sports supplement, mix 25 g of Bigman's Cluster Dextrin in water, juice or skim milk
    • Take it preferably before and after training
    • Take it every day
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