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Real grow - 120 capsules

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Real Grow by Big is a food supplement in capsules, made with 100% vegetable ingredients. It is suitable for vegans.

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    Big Real Grow

    Real Grow by Big is a food supplement in capsules suitable for vegans. Contains Beta Ecdisterone an active component of Rhaponticum, present in a 95% concentration. It also includes piperine obtained from Piper nigrum L., which increases its bioavailability.

    Real Grow information

    • Contains Beta Ecdysterone and Piperine.
    • It can be consumed by vegans.
    • It is suitable for adult men and women.

    Ingredients of Real Grow from the BIG brand

    Big's Real Grow comes in a bottle containing 120 capsules of food supplement.

    Each dose of 2 capsules has the following specifications:

    • It offers 44 mg of Rhaponticum of which 41.8 mg is Beta Ecdysterone (95%).
    • Includes 5 mg of Piperine (Piper Nigrum L.)

    Recommended daily dose of Real Grow

    • Take 2 capsules per day.
    • Take preferably 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner.

    Customer reviews: Real grow - 120 capsules

    26 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    a natural anabolic that the truth is that it fulfills its role and even more so if it is big and it is not badly priced
    Bought by recommendation through chat and very good results. I go for the fourth pot and it is already a fixed in my monthly supplementation.
    I am very satisfied, I have been here for a month and a half and I have noticed great improvements, without a doubt a very good product
    Very good product I have been using ecdysterone for a while and it is giving me very good results
    I have loved the product and, really, there is a considerable increase in performance and an increase in strength and muscle mass. I have two boats and I'm going for the third. I think it is the best product that Big has formulated thanks to two greats of this world.
    I have loved the product and, really, there is a considerable increase in performance and an increase in strength and muscle mass. I have two boats and I'm going for the third. I think it is the best product that Big has formulated thanks to two greats of this world.
    I really wanted to try this new product from the big brand. I've been using it for a week and, although I think it's too early to draw conclusions at the moment, I'm loving it. I notice enormous strength in my workouts and my recovery improved.
    Since taking the product I have noticed the muscle consistency and that I can withstand my workouts better.
    It goes really well and that at first I doubted its effectiveness, but it is true that you get extra muscle mass by following a good diet and training.
    I am liking the product a lot, because I am noticing better gains in training and a noticeable aesthetic improvement. I must also say that I have been taking the product since it came out, so it is not a matter of a week.
    My boyfriend had not tried ecdysterone yet and he has noticed it a lot, he says that he has more strength in training
    My muscle mass has improved noticeably, without having to tweak my diet or training.
    very good product the truth is that I am happy I recommend it and it is not expensive the truth good thing uio
    Yes, an extra muscle mass is noticeable after weeks of taking it and the way of taking it is very comfortable.
    Impressive how it acts on the body after an intense workout, it helps me to recover and have more strength
    I am thinking of trying this product since I have heard very good things about this supplement. Let's see how it goes
    It is true that I have noticed an extra muscle mass since I started taking it and I would recommend it to everyone who enters hypertrophy.
    a good forerunner of natural anabolism since if you want to progress muscularly this is your product
    Very effective, I have managed to break the stagnation that I had suffered in volume and the gain has been constant and progressive since then.
    At first I was suspicious of how this product was advertised, but the truth is that the results are really good and a plus of profit is achieved and a general improvement of the composition.
    Questions and answers
    Real grow de big en cápsulas. Puede producir daños al estómago?
    2022-09-24 13:59:54 Alberto
    hola alberto atu pregunta con este suplemento no interfiere a niveles negativos estomacales es un producto de extractos herbales que no perjudica en el tracto digestivo,gracias
    2022-09-26 10:03:22 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Buen día. Suplementos como grow de big o muscle builder, si estoy una semana sin entrenar, tengo que tomarlos a diario?. Gracias.
    2022-07-27 10:11:15 Alberto Ferrando González
    Hola Alberto Lo ideal seria tomarlo hasta acabar el envase y luego hacer un descanso de 15 dias Saludos
    2022-07-27 10:21:13 Masmusculo
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    Se puede tomar real grow y muscle builder juntos?.
    2022-07-19 21:09:50 Alberto Ferrando González
    Buenos días,puedes tomar conjuntamente estos dos suplementos.
    2022-07-20 09:42:04 Joan
    Add a response
    Lo puedo tomar ju to a testoextrem de weider?.
    2022-07-06 08:28:39 Alberto Ferrando González
    hola alberto sin problema se pueden combinar los 2 productos juntos ya que uno hace la funcion de percusor de testosterona y el otro percusor de la hormona de crecimiento,gracias
    2022-07-06 09:23:47 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Quiero tomar edte suplemento para probarlo pero puedo comprar otro complemento en conjunto con el grow para que su efecto sea mallor y mas rapido? Que me recomendais
    2021-09-30 13:22:34 David Gallardo haro
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