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Real amino arginine - 300g

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Real Amino Arginine by Big is a natural complex based on amino acids such as arginine and BCAAs; being a powder composition with a pleasant taste, without harmful substances of any kind and ready to be constituted with water.

      Big Real Amino Arginine

      Real Amino Arginine by Big is a powdered food supplement that contains a natural combination of amino acids such as arginine, BCAAs, methionine, among others; ideal for daily consumption especially by sportsmen and athletes.

      Likewise, it comes in 4 nice flavors to choose from, has no artificial ingredients, and is ready to mix with water.

      Properties of Real Amino Arginine (BIG)

      • Powdered food supplement based on amino acids
      • Ready to constitute with water
      • Recommended for men and women of adult age
      • Ideal for athletes

      Real Amino Arginine (BIG) Ingredients

      Real Amino Arginine from Big comes in a container that contains 300 grams of powdered food supplement.

      Content per dose (11.1 gr):

      • Has 2.5 grams of L-arginine HCL
      • It has 1.4 g of L-leucine
      • Has 1.4 grams of L-phenylalanine
      • It has 1.3 g of L-methionine
      • Has 1.3 grams of L-valine
      • It has 1.2 g of L-lysine
      • Has 1 gr of L-isoleucine
      • It has 700 mg of L-threonine
      • Has 300 mg of L-tryptophan

      Recommended daily dose of Real Amino Arginine

      • Dissolve a measure (11.1 gr) in 200 ml of water and consume after preparation

      Customer reviews: Real amino arginine - 300g

      44 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      Some essential amino acids that I have to admit that I have been taking them for a relatively short time and they are going phenomenal, the good quality of Big's products is incredible, without a doubt with this brand, I stay since the value for money is accompanied
      Good supply of essential amino acids from the big range, always fulfilling what they promise, a great choice without a doubt
      essential amino acids with arginine and this supplement is great for an intra-training drink, I recommend it
      The effects begin to be noticeable after about a week, I feel more energetic, I really like it.
      They are really good and the quality of the product is noticeable, they improve performance during training very significantly.
      The extra arginine is very noticeable during training, better performance and better congestion. Very good product, I recommend it.
      Great supplement from the boys of Big that will help you get more muscle mass, and at a great price really
      Great supplement from the boys of Big that will help you get more muscle mass, and at a great price really
      Very good product, I usually consume arginine about 30 minutes before training and it helps me a lot
      I really like these aminos with very good flavor and an immediate recovery, every time I like the big brand more
      One of the most complete amino acids and with the best effects when you take them, with a good taste and better results.
      The product is very good, the quality of the raw material is noticeable. The resistance to high volume is very noticeable, as is the vasodilation with that extra arginine.
      A very good complex of essential amino acids, offering a plus of arginine for greater physical performance. This new range of Big products is currently the best in the supplementation market. Waiting to test the Grow and the new Fucker! ;)
      One of the best amino acids I have tried and good results are obtained, I confirm it, very top
      They are essentials of great quality and efficiency. The performance improvement I have experienced is very considerable.
      It is a very good quality product and its formulation is one of the best I have found, the extra arginine is very noticeable during training.
      I just bought BIG's aminos since they have spoken to me very well and without a doubt I think it is one of the best brands on the market and I would say that almost all the supplements they take out are more than effective and this brand if it continues like this will be one of the best brands
      Yes, they are noticeable, especially in terms of resistance to the high volume of training.
      some aminos with arginine and more being from big the truth is that this brand always surprises and of course I already bought them thanks to more muscle for having everything
      In my top 3 of essentials with the GFS and the MAP, I am combining them according to offers and availability
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