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Only whey - 1kg

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Only Whey by Big is a food supplement based on Volactive UltraWhey 80 instant whey protein concentrate. An instant dissolving powder formula available in a variety of flavors to choose from.

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    Big's Only Whey

    Only Whey by Big is a food supplement made from Volactive UltraWhey 80 instant whey protein concentrate, considered to be one of the best whey concentrates currently available on the market. It also contains Tolerase L-lactase, a formulation with lactase enzymes that improves the digestion of lactose present in whey .

    It is a powder composition of instant dissolution and suitable for lactose intolerant. Available in different and delicious flavors to choose from.

    Characteristics of Big's Only Whey

    • Volactive Whey Protein Concentrate
    • Without lactose
    • No added amino acids
    • Recommended for sportsmen and athletes

    What does Big's Only Whey provide?

    Only Whey from Big comes in a container that contains 1 Kg of powdered food supplement.

    Specifications per dose (30 gr), the values vary according to the flavor:

    It has an energy value of 121.59 Kcal

    • It has 2.08 grams of fat, of which 1.25 grams are saturated
    • It has 1.99 g of carbohydrates, of which 1.99 g are sugars
    • It has 0 grams of fiber
    • It has 23.74 grams of protein
    • It has 0.09 gr of salt

    Recommended Daily Dose of Big's Only Whey

    • Dissolve 30 gr in 200-250 ml of water or skimmed milk
    • Consume 1 or 2 times a day, at breakfast and after training

    Customer reviews: Only whey - 1kg

    40 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    I bought the small package to test it, as they had spoken highly of it to me. I have to say that I have a certain lactose intolerance and that I am not having any discomfort taking it. The cappuccino-vanilla flavor is very rich.
    The protein is very good and I loved it. I bought it on a recommendation and it has been a success, it is digested from 10 and the brownie flavor is tremendous.
    The product is perfect, very good value for money and very fast order processing and reception.
    The white chocolate mougly flavor is amazing, there is no flavor that Big does not key! Other than that, perfect as always.
    Very good whey protein for me one of the best in terms of flavor and values I have taken it once and I will repeat
    I am lactose intolerant, but seeing the many opinions that said it was suitable for intolerant people, I decided to give it a try and I have to say that it is tremendous. I have not had any discomfort, its assimilation is total and the brownie flavor is crazy.
    The brownie flavor is spectacular, in addition to the fact that it feels very, very light, at the level of the best isolates.
    Very good flavor and better assimilation, something that is noticeable in the quality of muscle tone and recovery.
    Very good quality and assimilation is probably the best concentrate I've ever bought.
    Very good range of flavors, it dissolves perfectly and is digested without problem as it is lactose free.
    Super impressed with how good it tastes and how quickly it digests. I did not expect such good sensations in the case of a concentrate. Also, the brownie flavor is the best I have ever bought!
    The best flavor I have ever tasted is that of this protein, the big crack is incredible. I will not change after trying this.
    The best flavor I have ever tasted is that of this protein, the big crack is incredible. I will not change after trying this.
    a good serum and of high quality, you could not expect less than big and the quality-price ratio is great
    Very good flavors and dissolves quite well, satisfied with the results, I will buy it again.
    I bought this protein on the recommendation of a consultant and it is fantastic. It dissolves and digests extremely and the brownie flavor is the best chocolate flavor I've ever had in a protein. A 20 out of 10!
    good product, good price, quality is good since I took it and I noticed it the first day, the truth is that it works very well for me, I recommend it, it is quite good
    I bought it for the last time but with the rush that the brand has hit I switched to MasMusculo but now
    The white chocolate flavor has left me a little owed, I expected something better. However, it is good to drink.
    good whey concentrate since I have tried others and I like the dissolution and assimilation of this one
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