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Micellar casein - 1kg

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Micellar Casein by Big is a food supplement made with micellar casein, with Solmiko® from Glanbia Nutritionals, and with whey protein concentrate. It has been sweetened with steviol and Splenda® sucralose.

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    Big Micellar Casein

    Micellar Casein by Big is a food supplement made from micellar casein, whey concentrate and Solmiko® by Glanbia Nutritionals. Its flavor has been achieved using Splenda® sucralose and steviol. It has been obtained through filtration processes that do not involve chemical substances.

    Casein is a valuable milk protein that contributes to the diet with phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron and copper. In this case, you will get 85 to 92% of the bioactive peptides, with very low levels of lactose or fatty components.

    The micelles that are part of casein are slow to digest. Therefore the amino acids are released in a period of about 7 hours, which contributes to the synthesis of proteins, and reduces the possibility of catabolism.

    Characteristics of Big's Micellar Casein

    • Contains micellar casein, Solmiko® from Glanbia Nutritionals and whey concentrate.
    • Sweetened with Splenda® and steviol.
    • It is suitable for men and women in adulthood.

    Format, composition and ingredients of Big Micellar Casein

    Micellar Casein from Big comes in a bottle containing 1 kg of powdered food supplement.

    Each recommended dose of 30 g has the following specifications depending on the flavor:

    • Contains 110.6 Kcal.
    • It has 0.8 g of fat including 0.5 g of saturated fat.
    • It contributes 1.8 g of carbohydrates including 1.8 g of sugars.
    • Provides 22.6 g of protein.
    • Provides 0.06 g of salt.

    Recommended Daily Portion of Big's Micellar Casein

    • Mix 30 g (use a measuring cup) in 300 to 500 ml of water or skimmed milk.
    • Take 1 serving per day, preferably before going to sleep.

    Customer reviews: Micellar casein - 1kg

    49 Reviews
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    I have a very fast metabolism and I wake up very hungry. Since I take casein before bed I notice that I recover better and I don't wake up so hungry
    Very good casein from Big, far exceeding the previous formulation. The dissolution and texture that remains is simply spectacular. On the other hand, the flavors are great, highlighting the white chocolate flavor. It is perhaps somewhat expensive, but it compensates a lot for the outlay once you try the product.
    The best casein I've ever tasted, both in texture and flavor. The stracciatella flavor is brutal! :D
    It seems to me one of the best caseins currently for quality and flavor, digestion is good and the flavor is excellent
    This casein is delicious, a little high in price but of very good quality, I have to admit
    I want to highlight the flavor of the protein, it is to mix it with yogurts and you have an impressive pre-bed dessert.
    The straciatella flavor is incredible, I let it rest for a while in the fridge and it comes out like a custard.
    a casein of maximum quality since with big it is maximum quality and spectacular flavor I recommend it
    One of the best caseins on the market for flavor and texture, the price is quite decent for how good it is
    One of the best flavors I've tasted, with cold water and resting for a while in the compact refrigerator and you can eat it like a custard.
    Very good casein protein, for the nights it is going to me luxurious, I use it every day in my last meal of the night, before going to sleep
    Very good casein protein, for the nights it is going to me luxurious, I use it every day in my last meal of the night, before going to sleep
    The best casein I've ever had, both in texture and flavor. If I had to stay with one flavor, something difficult because they are all very good, it would be pink cake.
    Very good casein, spectacular flavor, the ability to dissolve is very good, very good quality.
    What a past the straciatella flavor, the best I've ever had in a casein. I usually add about 30-40g to the whipped cheese and it is really spectacular. As a pre-bed, the best combination to ensure a constant supply of amino acids during the night.
    delicious and effective this protein since I did not expect less from the great brand as it is big!
    The taste of custard is tremendous, they have been nailed. Very happy with the purchase and looking forward to trying more flavors.
    Very good flavor, no lumps. Good recovery is noticeable, a top 10 and a fixed for me from now on
    The pink cake flavor is spectacular. It is the best casein I have ever tasted, both for its texture, its assimilation and flavor.
    BIG casein is one of the best on the market in quality and flavor, it dissolves great and the flavors are amazing
    Questions and answers
    hola quiero una buena caseina no caseinato quemarca me decanto optimun o quantrax?? gracias
    2022-02-26 01:48:14 Enrique Tajes
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