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Chocolate cup - 210gr

Biform Chocolate Cup is a delicious cream, with a chocolate flavor, that can help you lose weight. It has been made with skimmed milk, with milk proteins, water, sugar and defatted cocoa. It can replace up to 2 main meals, helping you lose weight and maintain a healthy figure.

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    Biform's Chocolate Cup is incredibly tasty, and it's also healthy. You must have this dessert that can replace a meal.

    Biforme Chocolate Cup is a nutritious delicacy that can replace a meal thanks to its incredible protein content. It is perfect for weight control, as the allowed snack of a diet, as part of a sports diet, or as a delicacy that you can enjoy at any time.

    Main characteristics of Biform Chocolate Cup

    • Contributes protein.
    • It can substitute for a meal.
    • Contains sugars and sweeteners.

    What is in each Biform Chocolate Cup shot ?

    Biform Chocolate Cup comes in a 210 g individual container.

    Each glass offers the following specifications:

    • Contains 215 kcal.
    • Provides 4.2 g of fat including 1.9 g of saturated fat, 1.1 g of monounsaturated fat and 1.3 g of polyunsaturated fat (of which 1.1 g is included in linoleic acid).
    • It contains 29.8 g of carbohydrates that include 24.8 g of sugars.
    • It has 2.1 g of dietary fiber.
    • Provides 13.4 g of protein.

    What is this Biform Chocolate Cup for ?

    Biform's Chocolate Cup is delicious, smooth and very appetizing. It is a tasty and nutritious dessert with which you can replace a main meal, thanks to the fact that it contributes protein. It has been made with sugars and sweeteners, and it can be included in a diet to lose weight, in a sports diet or it can be a delicious snack that all kinds of people can enjoy. You can indulge yourself with this succulent glass, made with skimmed milk, which also gives it its proteins. Cocoa paste was used to give it an authentic chocolate flavor.

    This Biform Chocolate Cup can be part of a healthy diet. In some cases, depriving yourself of sweet things only makes you want to eat them even more, which can motivate you to end up snacking that can harm what you've accomplished. This delicious dessert can be that little taste that you can give yourself. It has that tempting chocolate flavor as ever, but it will have a very low impact on your waistline. Enjoy it as a snack or to enjoy at workplaces, such as the office.

    You can also enjoy this Biform Chocolate Cup if you are under training. It can be a delicious way to replenish protein after exercising. It can also replace a meal, which is helpful when you are in the gym. It is a practical and very pleasant way to consume protein. And the best thing is that it can be just a dessert, ideal for the whole family to eat. It is tasty, smooth, delicious and is the best choice when it comes to eating something sweet.

    Recommended daily dose of Biform Chocolate Cup

    • Replace up to 2 meals a day.
    • Consume within the framework of a low energy diet.
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