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Finally, a company that combines health and pleasure when eating has established itself in the market thanks to having achieved the objectives for which it was created.

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OUTLETMulticereals bar sarialis gluten free - 78g
Sarialis Gluten-free Multi-cereal Bar - 78g - Milk Chocolate - OUTLETCarb Snacks
Sarialis Gluten-free Multi-cereal Bar from Bicentury are sticks made from corn, rice and...
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Devoragras Cookies - 160g Bicentury - 1
Devoragras Cookies - 160gLight protein biscuit
Devoragras Cookies from Devoragras are fiber-rich cookies whose main function is to lose weight...
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Cereals bar sarialís - 120g
Sarialis Cereal Bar - 6x120gCarb Snacks
Sarialis Cereal Bar from Bicentury, in its format of 120 grams, offer a delicious dessert that...
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Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 - 130g Bicentury - 1
Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 - 130gTortitas de Cereales
Whole Rice Pancakes 4x2 from Bicentury, sold in packets of 130 grams, offer the public an ideal...
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Corn pancakes bag - 125g
Mini Corn Pancakes - 125gTortitas de Cereales
Mini Corn Pancakes from Biocentury are a delicious and crunchy mini pancakes to eat at any time...
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Why Bicentury arises?

In the late 1980s, when Bicentury first saw the light of day, healthy eating existed within the framework of tasteless, bland and bland food. It was with the aim of uniting the pharmaceutical industry with healthy and pleasant eating that Bicentury emerged to revolutionize the market.

More About Bicentury

The company is located in Girona and its surface covers 15,000 m2. As for the qualification obtained, it is the IFS/BRC, so we can rest assured that the food we bring to our table will have two of the most prestigious food quality pillars worldwide.

The foods are made by a team of professionals and specialists in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. Its mission is that people manage to lose weight in a responsible and definitive way, without having to suffer the much-feared rebound effect.

Bicentury understands that losing weight is not child's play and that it is not something that can be taken lightly, but that it requires a diet that day by day provides us with everything we need to nourish ourselves and that this same nutrition is the that leads us to a constant and responsible burning of calories.

This brand has developed a formula that takes us away from drastic diets that make us go hungry and that, once completed, only make us gain more and more weight.

In other words, its more than 300 employees are at the service of customers who follow the company in order to provide them with cutting-edge quality every day through its unique products in the sector.

How Bicentury Works

Every day at Bicentury manufacturing plants, its experts investigate new ways and trends of mixing food so that the nutrients arrive more quickly and effectively and take effect immediately. At the same time, research is also being done on how the food itself triggers the reactions that cause fat burning to take place and the body to begin sculpting itself.

Scientific field knowledge and empathy with people is what drives this team of professionals who improve every day just to give you the best on the road to well-being and health.