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Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg

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Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition is a supplement made from amylopectin, an incredible source of energy for your training sessions. Make the most of this carbohydrate that has high molecular weight and low osmolarity. It will give you strength and great vitality immediately, without raising your glycemic index.

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      Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition is a very powerful source of energy for your training sessions. Experience more strength and a superior performance in every exercise routine!

      Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition is a supplement made from amylopectin (also known as waxy maize), a carbohydrate that will give an incredible boost to your training sessions. Amylopectin is a complex carbohydrate that releases its properties gradually in the body, providing long-lasting energy without raising the level of glucose in the blood. It also provides an excellent increase in your physical performance.

      Facts of Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition:

      • Made from waxy corn starch.
      • Increases sports performance.
      • Restores muscle glycogen levels.


      What does Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition provide?

      Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition comes in a powder presentation. Each bottle of the product contains 3 kg.

      Each serving (60 g) of Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition has the following specifications:

      • Has an energy value of 211.8 kcal.
      • Has 0.06 g of fats.
      • Contains 52.8 g of carbohydrates from starch.
      • Has 0.015 g of salt.


      Why taking Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition?

      Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition is an amylopectin supplement that you must take to improve your sports performance. It has been made from waxy corn starch, obtaining a polysaccharide which is a complex carbohydrate that provides long-lasting energy that does not raise glucose levels in the blood. It is characterized by having a high molecular weight, which is what guarantees its slow degradation in the body.

      On the other hand, amylopectin also has low osmolarity, which indicates that it will not incorporate fluids from the digestive system, thus preventing it from causing discomfort during its rapid absorption. Another advantage it offers is that it prevents hypoglycemia after training.

      If you practice a very intense sport that quickly decreases your glycogen levels, you have to try the benefits of Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition. It is also perfect for long-lasting activities.

      Likewise, it will be beneficial for athletes whose sports require effort at intervals, such as bodybuilders, sprinters, tennis players, cyclists, CrossTraining enthusiasts and even team sports players. In all these cases, it offers a gradual glycogen supply, which will favor sustained and prolonged physical activity.

      The consumption of Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition will really help you obtain better results during your training sessions. Not only will you get better performance, but also you will benefit from its properties that support the recovery process. In fact, it delays the signs of exhaustion, which is key to always increase performance a little.

      If what you need is energy, Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition is the supplement to provide you the best supply.


      Recommended daily intake of Waxy Maize XT from Beverly Nutrition:

      • Dissolve 60 g (1 dispenser) in 350 ml of water.
      • Take 1 serving before training, and another at the end of the training session.
      • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

      Customer reviews: Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg

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      Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg
      good product, very effective to gain weight, I am mixing it with whey proteins and it is working very well
      Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg
      I really like this Amylopectin from Beverly Nutrition. The price is fantastic for all the amount of product that it brings. It feels very good at the digestive level and gives the protein a slightly thicker and very pleasant texture. I highly recommend your purchase
      Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg
      Purchased at a discount is a very interesting option, but if not, it does not compensate the expense for a simple carbohydrate that you can buy from another brand, such as MM, at a much better price and of equal, or better, quality. As always, Masmusculo offering the best service !! : D
      Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg
      A great price for such a large format. The product dissolves very well and does not leave any aftertaste. In addition, it feels very good to the stomach and its digestion is very fast and optimal, practically as if you were drinking water. Very happy, both with the product and with your service.
      Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg
      amylopectin is more than effective to take intra-training since you will recover better!!!
      Waxy Maize XT- 3 kg
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