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Training gloves

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Training Gloves from Beverly Nutrition is what you must have to protect your hands during the practice of bodybuilding. They are made of lightweight leather, with reinforced palms, and a wrist strap with a velcro closure, which gives stability to its use. See how they improve grip in your exercises, while benefiting your training.

      Training Gloves from Beverly Nutrition protect your hands and profoundly enhance your workout. Check its excellent texture and its perfect fit on your wrists!

      Training Gloves from Beverly Nutrition will give you the protection you need to have the best training. They come without coverage on the fingers and are made from soft, lightweight leather.

      They have a special reinforcement on the palms and have a strap on the wrist that has a velcro closure. It is perfect for lifting weights precisely, with a minimal risk of injury, since they favor the execution of very stable movements. Bare fingers also allow your hands to use their natural grip, benefiting more precise and controlled actions. They also serve for the use of other gymnastic accessories such as fitness balls, ropes or when doing push-ups on the floor.

      You can have a much safer training with Training Gloves from Beverly Nutrition . A risk of lifting weights or heavy equipment in general is that it favors the formation of blisters that can turn into corns on the skin. These in turn tend to crack and cause discomfort. These gloves prevent this from happening, and will also help these types of injuries to gradually regenerate. In the same way, they restrict the contact of certain germs, products of the sweat that can frequently be found in the grip of the training equipment. This is how you will have a much lower risk of having warts on your skin.

      Feel free to wear these Beverly Nutrition Training Gloves at the gym. They have a soft and light texture, and an extra reinforcement in the palms. Added to this they have a very comfortable fit on the wrists. They come with bare fingers, which favors the natural grip of your hands, which is also necessary to make precise movements. When you use them, you will have your hands protected from incorrect movements that can cause injuries and that will protect your skin. You must have them for lifting weights or for the use of training equipment in general. They will even be very useful when you do push-ups with your hands resting on the floor.

      Facts of Beverly Nutrition Training Gloves

      • They are made with soft and light leather.
      • Their fingers are bare.
      • They offer a reinforcement in the palm of the hand.
      • They come with a wrist strap with a velcro closure for a better fit.

      Beverly Nutrition Training Gloves have to be part of your training equipment. Protect your hands by preventing injuries, they will give you more security in the grip of weights and will prevent your skin from being contaminated with germs. In the same way, also when using your bare fingers you will make use of the natural grip that your own skin offers.

      Recommended use: for weight lifting for bodybuilding or for the use of fitness equipment.

      Customer reviews: Training gloves

      2 Reviews
      They are very good quality gloves, they fit very well especially on the wrist which is where it matters to avoid injuries
      Training gloves
      the best gloves and if it is from the shiek brand it does not fail and of the highest quality they will last you for years!!!
      Training gloves
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