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Protein hazelnut cream - 250g

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Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition is a delicious spreadable product based on crushed hazelnuts. It has a high percentage of proteins and a gourmet flavour. It is perfect to combine with your favourite breakfasts, desserts and snacks. This cream is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that will help you to take care of your skin, teeth, bones and heart.

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    Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition: An excellent source of fiber and protein to add to your favourite recipes!

    Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition is an exquisite hazelnut cream made with a base of 91% toasted hazelnuts. It has a gourmet flavour, completely natural and healthier than conventional creams that have sugar, fats and other ingredients that can damage the health of your body. This spreadable cream is the best alternative to prepare smoothies, snacks, fruits and breakfasts.

    Essentials Protein Hazelnut Cream by Beverly Nutrition

    • It is a natural cream based on 91% toasted hazelnuts.
    • It is a product free of palm oil, gluten, preservatives and added sugars.
    • It has a delicious gourmet flavour and smooth texture.
    • It is an excellent support for people looking for a product to use in snacks with a completely healthy chocolate alternative.
    • It has an exquisite flavours available: Chocolate cream with hazelnuts and White Chocolate with hazelnuts.
    • It has a high content of fiber, vegetable protein and no added sugars.
    • It provides a constant source of energy to athletes.

    What does Hazelnut Cream with Protein provide?

    This excellent and delicious product is a spreadable cream perfect to use in your favorite breakfasts, snacks and shakes.

    Content per dose (100 g) chocolate hazelnut flavour (these values ​​may vary depending on the flavour):

    • It contains an energy value of 2295.9 kj / 514.04 kcal.
    • It contains 49.97 g of fat, 0.4 g of which are saturated.
    • It contains 26.16 g of carbohydrates of which 8.91 g are sugars.
    • It contains 9.7 grams of fiber.
    • It has 21.47 grams of protein.
    • It has 0.01 g of salt.

    What is achieved with Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition?

    Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition is a delicious spreadable cream with a base of 91% toasted hazelnuts rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It is a completely natural product that offers multiple benefits for your health and well-being of the body. Among its main benefits, Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition has a cardioprotective effect that helps you to maintain a balance in the of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) levels of cholesterol. It helps you to preserve cardiovascular health, promoting elasticity and good condition of blood vessels. It will help you to balance the nervous system, promote intestinal transit, protect teeth and bones. It also provide vermifuge benefits, which help you to eliminate intestinal worms, and protect cells from free radicals. Thanks to its antioxidant benefits, it is a highly recommended product to level blood pressure. Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition is not only a delicious spreadable cream but it is also excellent for adding a caloric intake in a very natural way. On the other hand, it has two exquisite flavours: Chocolate with hazelnuts and White Chocolate with hazelnuts.

    Hazelnut Cream with Protein by Beverly Nutrition is perfect to be used by the little ones, young people and adults who want to sweeten their dishes in a completely natural way.

    Recommended use of Hazelnut Cream with Protein.

    • Use the amount of your preference.
    • Spread on cookies, cakes, fruit, oatmeal cakes, rice or oatmeal pancakes, energy bars or even mix with pre and post workout shakes.
    • It can be used at the time of your preference during the day.

    Customer reviews: Protein hazelnut cream - 250g

    10 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    In general, good, but the price is very high for the quantity that comes. It is good
    Very good hazelnut cream, it has a very successful flavor and is well priced for the quality of the product
    Spectacular, incredible texture and flavor if you like hazelnuts, the flavor is very well achieved and the price is fair for the amount it carries
    This cream is delicious and the truth is that the flavor is very successful, the truth is that I will buy it again
    A type of protein Nutella but without the sugar. It has good macronutrients and I love the taste and texture
    good product good price quality is fine since I take it and I noticed the truth the first day
    This vice and the macros it carries are quite good to fit them into the diet, the key is to catch it on sale
    very good product, the truth is, I recommend it, it shows a lot, it is not expensive, this brand always goes well lkhlki
    It is very good in flavor and texture, it also stands out for the macros it has, which are quite good
    This cream is delicious since the nutritional information is quite clean and has a very good taste and price.
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