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Next recoup x7 - 60ml

Next Recoup by Beverly Nutrition is a post-workout supplement that you have to have for an excellent recovery after exercise. It favors the regeneration and fortification of your muscular tissues, in addition to helping you to regain your energy quickly and completely for the next workout. It comes in small and convenient individual containers.

      Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition will help you to get ready for the next workout. If you want an unstoppable development, this is the supplement you should have!

      Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition is a post-training supplement with which you will ensure the recovery of energy for the next exercise session. Get a safe compilation of your forces and a complete regeneration of your muscles. It is a safe formula against muscle catabolism.

      What is Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition?

      • It offers fast and effective recovery.
      • It increases your energy.
      • It promotes excellent regeneration and repair of muscle tissues.

      Ingredients and format of the Beverly Nutrition Next Recoup X7

      Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition is presented in a container with 20 small bottles or individual 60 ml shots that facilitate its dosage and consumption.

      Each 60 ml dose has the following specifications:

      • It contains 4000 mg of BCAA's 2: 1: 1 (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine).
      • It includes 3000 mg of Glutamine.
      • It contributes 1000 mg of Citrulline DL-Malate.
      • It has 1000 mg of Beta Alanine.
      • It provides 1000 mg of Monostearate Glycerol.
      • It provides 51 mg of Magnesium.
      • It has 4.1 mg of Vitamin B6.

      Benefits of Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition

      Next Recoup x7 by Beverly Nutrition will give you all the nutrients you need to energise your body and show all your potential in the next workout. This post-workout supplement will provide you with everything you need for your muscles to repair and regenerate during rest or recovery period. In the same way, it ensures that you have renewed and complete levels of energy, since it has the ability to block lactic acid that can quickly lead to physical exhaustion. It has an excellent supply of BCAA's that guarantee a great protein synthesis that is vital to strengthen your muscles.

      Glutamine is another of the fundamental nutrients in Next Recoup x7 by Beverly Nutrition. It is naturally abundant in the human body, its combination with BCAAs promotes recovery and prevents the possibility of catabolism. On the other hand, Citrulline Malate calms fatigue since it increases the presence of nitric oxide in the body. It also contains Magnesium, which is very important to have an excellent contraction in the muscles and vitamin B6 that benefits the action of the defenses.

      You will have an incredible progress in your physical condition if you add Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition. When you exercise you expose your body to a level of extra effort that can profoundly reduce its energies. So, if you want to have a good performance in your next exercise session, recovery should be complete and it should happen as quickly as possible. This supplement will help your tissues to be repaired and regenerated so that they grow in capacity and strength. You will immediately have a full physical potential.

      It is a post-workout product that you should have to promote physical growth and to ensure your highest level of energy in the next workout. You will have a complete development with a safe product.

      How to take Next Recoup X7 by Beverly Nutrition?

      • Drink 1 vial.
      • Use it after training.
      • Drink it once a day.
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