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Micellar Casein - 1 kg

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Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition is an effective dietary supplement based on 100% micellar casein of high biological value. The protein contained in this formulation provides a slow, stable release of amino acids that are delivered to muscles during sleep, accelerating muscle recovery and growth and getting you closer to your physical goals.

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    Optimize muscle recovery and develop your muscles the safe way with Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition.

    Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition is a high-quality dietary supplement prepared from 100% micellar casein, a protein source that releases amino acids in a slow and steady flow to optimize muscle recovery and promote muscle growth during sleep or long travel periods in the healthiest manner.

    This casein formulation is especially appropriate for strength, speed and power athletes needing a slow-digestion protein shot before bed, as it contains a very high percentage of bioactive peptides. Unlike other proteins, Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition  exhibits a very slow absorption rate, ensuring that its constituent amino acids are released in a slow, steady stream that nourishes tired muscles in a more efficient manner.

    Main characteristics of Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition:

    • High-quality dietary supplement of extra pure casein.
    • Provides a slow and stable release of amino acids to muscle tissue.
    • Improves the muscle recovery process.
    • Helps healthy muscle growth.
    • Facilitates digestion.
    • Nourishes muscles during sleep.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Low fat content.
    • Favors high muscle reconstruction.
    • Comes in 3 delicious flavors: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.
    • Free of gluten, aspartame and added sugar.

    What does Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition provide?

    This dietary supplement is presented in an easy-to-dissolve powder consisting exclusively of micellar casein enriched with glutamine and enzymes, without  gluten, aspartame and added sugars and free of artificial chemicals. Hence, Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition is totally safe for the consumer.

    Content per dose (33 g, strawberry flavor. Exact values ​​may vary with flavor): 

    • Energy content of 124 Kcal.
    • 1.6 g of fats, of which 1.3 g are saturated.
    • 1.58 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.4 g are sugars.
    • 26.47 g of protein.
    • 0.11 g of salt.
    • 2 g of glutamine.
    • 19.8 mg of Digezime (digestive enzymes).

    Why take Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition?

    Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition is a great dietary supplement of unique quality, made from highly pure micellar casein to ensure its efficacy and guarantee consumer safety. This product promotes muscle recovery and growth during sleep in a totally healthy and safe manner, releasing key amino acids in a slow, steady stream over a long period of time. Its appetizing flavor will have you looking forward to your bedtime shot!

    Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition is ideal for professional or recreational athletes who are looking for a high-quality, high-purity casein-based nutritional supplement to support muscle development while sleeping in a way that is safe and compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended daily dose of Micellar Casein from Beverly Nutrition:

    • Take a full portion, with the measuring cup included in the container, of 33 g and dissolve it into 250 ml of water or soy, rice or skimmed milk.
    • Use at night or before bed.
    • Take the recommended dose once a day.

    Customer reviews: Micellar Casein - 1 kg

    4 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    luxury for the night, I have been using it before going to sleep and since then I have not binged at night in the middle of the morning
    This casein is very good, it digests very well, although perhaps the flavor could be more intense (vanilla).
    Delicious casein, the flavor is a festival because of how well the chocolate is done and the texture is amazing
    The chocolate flavor is especially good, the product having a very compact and satiating texture once dissolved. As a pre-bed meal it is very good, especially if you combine it with a small handful of nuts, thus avoiding hunger at night.
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