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Grippads Beverly Nutrition

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Grippads by Beverly Nutrition are excellent quality, comfortable and well designed mitts for a perfect grip. They are very useful in the gym and the fitness world, their main function is to protect the hands, avoiding the formation of hardness on the skin and giving you security and confidence during training hours.

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    Grippads from Beverly Nutrition, the protection and security that your hands need during physical training.

    Grippads from Beverly Nutrition is the new product that everyone talks about, it is a sophisticated pad that covers the palm of your hand, protecting it and providing an anti-slip effect. Another point in favor of this innovative product is that you no longer have to worry about sweat, its particular design facilitates the entry of air, so you can train without worrying about any detail other than doing well, looking good and feeling good.

    Grippads from Beverly Nutrition are an excellent complement to physical exercise with dumbbells, bars and training machines, they are a lighter version of traditional gloves, made of very resistant and breathable material with the highest technology. They have a padded design that provide comfort and protection, in the upper part it has a reinforcement in the form of four channels to insert the fingers and strengthen the grip.

    Grippads from Beverly Nutrition are a lighter, more comfortable and easy-to-wear option compared to traditional gloves. They are very easy to remove and put on and are washable, they are specially designed to protect the palms of the hands and prevent the creation of hardness on the skin, which can become annoying and unsightly. They prolong resistance by contributing to a more comfortable grip and prevent slipping caused by sweat, their simple but well thought out shape allows air to enter so that sweating on your palms will no longer be a problem. The use of Beverly Nutrition Grippads from Beverly is a very good way to guarantee your safety, using them you can avoid accidents during training, this is a very convenient investment for you.

    Grippads by Beverly Nutrition

    • Comfortable and resistant.
    • Perfect grip.
    • Anti-slip effect.
    • Coated palm for added protection.
    • Avoid the formation of calluses on the palms of the hands.
    • Very good breathability to avoid sweat on the hands.
    • Machine washable cold product.
    • Article of use and unisex model.
    • They take off and on very quickly and easily.

    Grippads from Beverly Nutrition can be used by men and women, since their size and appearance is unisex. It is recommended above all for athletes, sportsmen and those who like to exercise. Therefore, if you are in search of a sports accessory that allows you to maintain a better grip, non-slip effect, and at the same time offers you comfort, high quality and durability.

    Recommended use : Use during physical training hours. It can be used frequently, since it has been manufactured with resistant materials.

    Customer reviews: Grippads Beverly Nutrition

    7 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Super comfortable handles that make it much easier to grip the bars and dumbbells, the problem is losing them
    The handles are super comfortable to train since they facilitate the grip of the bars and dumbbells, for me they are already essential
    In principle, a fairly durable product given the quality of the material and the feel of it. Especially in chin-ups it is great, where you tend to fail before grip due to losing grip with the bar due to sweat. Very happy, for the moment, with the purchase.
    They grip very well and the material looks quite good, they seem to last a long time. Good price.
    Good mittens that work for people like me who don't like gloves but don't want calluses
    Very comfortable, better than the glove, it protects the area of the hand well to avoid chafing, a good price.
    They are great, the truth is that since I have them I am happy, they are wonderful to train without pain.
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