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Creatine monohydrate - 300g

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Creatine Monohydrate from Best Protein contains an excellent formulation based on only high quality and 100% pure creatine monohydrate; thus contributing to increased performance and strength, especially in high-intensity sports.

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    Creatine Monohydrate from Best Protein

    • It is a powdered food supplement based on only high quality creatine monohydrate and with 100% purity.

    • Creatine is a non-essential nitrogenous organic compound that is synthesized in our body from amino acids. It can be obtained from meat and fish, but it is very effective through supplementation.

    What is Creatine Monohydrate from Best Protein taken for?

    • It is taken to increase physical performance especially in high intensity sports.

    • Helps increase endurance and strength.

    • Helps delay fatigue.

    Why buy Creatine Monohydrate ?

    • It contains creatine in its most assimilable form by the body (creatine monohydrate), which guarantees superior effectiveness.

    • It is 100% pure, effectively increasing creatine reserves in the muscle.

    • It is a powder of easy dissolution and rapid absorption.

    • It has great scientific evidence and is of 100% natural origin.

    How is Creatine Monohydrate taken?

    • Mix 3 gr (1 scoop) with 250 ml of water or other liquid.

    • Take 1 time a day, before training.

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    Customer reviews: Creatine monohydrate - 300g

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    Good quality creatine, mixes well and feels good, I have not noticed any discomfort in my stomach.
    Since I took it I have improved my RMs, I notice it a lot in recoveries, especially in bench press, pull-ups and squats.
    Price-quality seems to me to be one of the best creatines I've tried, I noticed it from the second I took it.
    Good creatine monohydrate and at a perfect price for 300 g. I feel great and I use it after training.
    Good creatine, quality-price of the best there is right now, I have already tried it and it has given me good results
    The price is not bad as creatines are, whenever I can I will buy from this brand.
    This great price for how creatines are today since they have risen, Best Protein is highly recommended
    the creatine that the truth is that it works and gives you a lot of strength and resistance therefore it will help you gain muscle mass
    the famous creatine specifically the monohydrate that is the most sold and effective and at a good price
    One of the most recommended today in terms of quality-price since the price of creatine is on the rise
    Very good price for this creatine compared to others of a similar size, a basic supplement to improve performance in the physical tests of the opposition that I am preparing.
    Questions and answers
    Para cua tas dosis tengo con Un bote de 300g ?
    2022-11-08 02:48:54 Daniel
    Buenos días,dependerá de la cantidad de creatina que estés usando,si tomas 5 gramos tienes 60 servicios.
    2022-11-08 09:33:22 CRISTOBAL
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