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Vitamin C - 90 capsules

Vitamin C from Be Essential is a powerful product with antioxidant effects that enhance the production of collagen, protect the respiratory, cardiovascular and bone systems, provides the necessary dose to keep your body healthy and defenses ready to avoid chronic respiratory infections. It is ideal to supplement athletes´nutritional diet.

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    Protect and strengthen your immune system by taking Vitamin C from Be Essential!

    Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an all-important nutrient that is responsible for repairing and maintaining the health of the tissues of your body.

    This vitamin has an important role in the production of collagen, becoming a perfect complement for the stability of ligaments, bones, tendons and blood vessels, in addition, it works as a powerful antioxidant, which allows to fight and prevent damage caused by free radicals, strengthen the immune system, promote the proper iron absorption and wound healing.

    Vitamin C from Be Essential is a wonderful product that offers multiple benefits for the well-being of your body. Among its main functions is the hydroxylation of proline and lysine, important amino acids to produce collagen, which allow the development and maintenance of teeth, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints, as well as their action to repair spasms and wound healing.

    Another function of vitamin C is its antioxidant contribution that helps protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. This product also protects the respiratory system from possible colds and infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, fortifies the immune system and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

    Vitamin C from Be Essential is a 100% natural, healthy and strongly recommended option to be added to athletes´ nutritional diet. Its nutritional properties help with the production of energy to do workouts or physical routines. It helps to reduce cortisol, intervenes in the iron absorption, which allows to counteract the risk of suffering from anemia.

    On the other hand, it helps athletes to prevent respiratory infections, optimizes the treatment of injuries and improves the immune system to the maximum, allowing its stability, endurance and post-workout recovery.

    Vitamin C from Be Essential is undoubtedly the perfect supplement for all people and athletes who wish to achieve a healthier and fuller life.

    What are the main characteristics of Vitamin C from Be Essential?

    • Allows maximum wound healing.
    • Has antioxidant effects that protect your body.
    • Promotes the collagen production.
    • Helps with the assimilation of iron.
    • Prevents the presence of respiratory infections and colds.
    • Promotes the production of adrenaline and prevents fatigue.

    Nutrition facts per serving (1 capsule) of Vitamin C from Be Essential:

    • Vitamin C (500 mg).
    • 200 mg of powdered orange.

    If you want to protect and strengthen your immune system, Vitamin C from Be Essential has come for you! This powerful product with antioxidant effects protects your body from free radicals, takes care of your joints, respiratory, cardiovascular and bone systems. With Vitamin C from Be Essential you will be providing your body with the necessary vitamin C intake to keep healthy and thus avoid possible diseases and respiratory infections.

    Get your vitamin C immediately to keep active and with a feeling of fullness and well-being!

    Recommended use  as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule of Vitamin C from Be Essential a day. Take along with the main meal.

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