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Rescue Night Drops - 20 ml

Rescue Night Drops from Bach is a hodgepodge of five plants, trees, and wildflowers specifically indicated to treat sleep-related conditions, adjuvant to calm the mind, promoting a restful and peaceful sleep, without creating any type of dependency. You just put 4 drops directly in your mouth before going to sleep.

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    If you want to sleep in Morpheus arms, Rescue Night Drops from Bach you should take!

    Sleeping comfortably and the hours recommended by experts is essential to maintain excellent health and quality of life for people. Thinking of your well-being, we present 

    Rescue Night Drops from Bach, an extraordinary all-natural supplement made from wild plants, trees and flowers that are carefully selected when their main properties, tranquilizers, anxiolytics and relaxers are more concentrated, acting immediately and relieving the sensation of tiredness and exhaustion.

    Rescue Night Drops from Bach tributes to improving stress, anxiety, promoting a calm, relaxed and conciliatory sleep, notably improving and optimizing memory and learning.

    Nutrition facts of Rescue Night Drops from Bach:

    • Selection of wild plants, flowers and trees.
    • Adjuvant of the pleasant and calm rest.
    • Does not create dependency.
    • Emotional balance.
    • Suitable for vegans.
    • Improves quality of life.
    • Optimizes memory and learning.
    • Brings serenity.
    • Improves health.
    • Provides energy.

    What does Rescue Night Drops from Bach provide?

    Rescue Night Drops from Bach is a 100% natural supplement made from the five Bach flowers: Cherryplum with her calming properties, providing balance, while improving the state of anxiety, nervousness and tension. Clematis is formulated to counteract the feeling of lightheadedness. The ideal Impatiens to control impatience and irritability.

    The Rock Rose has the peculiarity of making fear forget and recover its value, and also Star of Bethlehem that brings peace and tranquility. This hodgepodge in complicity with grape alcohol, you will find rest and a haven of tranquility in every intake.

    Rescue Night Drops from Bach can be taken by anyone, since it does not have side effects. It can be also ingested by vegan people, since it does not contain chemical additives, nor does it create dependency.

    Why should you take Rescue Night Drops from Bach?

    Rescue Night Drops from Bach you achieve peace, tranquility, and without worries at bedtime, subjugating negative emotions that could make you uncomfortable when falling asleep, optimizing memory in an evident way that the retention of learning. All this is product of a pleasant and comforting rest that all people require.

    You should only take 4 drops in your mouth some minutes before going to bed, and from that moment on your nights will be different. Rescue Night Drops from Bach came to offer you serenity, tranquility, peace and control of your thoughts.

    Is Bach Rescue Remedy good for anxiety?
    Rescue Remedy is an effective all-natural stress, anxiety reliever, study suggests. Available in a convenient spray bottle or in drop form, it helps to provide better emotional balance and fast, convenient relief from everyday stress.

    Recommended daily dose of Rescue Night Drops from Bach:

    • Take 4 drops of Rescue Night Drops from Bach before going to sleep.
    • Take Rescue Night Drops from Bach directly from the dropper.
    • Take the dose daily.
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