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Babalú Fit is a Colombian company that designs and markets sportswear and casual clothes with high added value.

Founded in the 1990s, it has had a strong expansion in the fashion market. The brand stands out for its innovative designs, high quality and competitive prices.

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In its beginnings, Babalu marketed a line of women's sportswear. Later, it includes FashionMen men's clothing, a line of swimwear and Tarra'o Interior underwear, achieving great popularity for its original designs, both in sportswear and casual wear.

The sportswear line features innovative designs that allow women to dress well and feel beautiful while exercising. It includes a wide range of colors and new garments in high-end fabrics, suplex and lycra cotton, which allows to have a great choice of fitness clothing for demanding women.

The casual clothing line maintains the innovative style and the bet in quality, being FashionMen a brand that dresses elegant, bold men, who are not afraid to be the center of attention. In the same way, lingerie, underwear and swimsuits have gained great popularity beyond the frontiers of the Colombian market.

Babalú Fit is a brand that has imposed its seal of creativity and innovation in sports and casual wear. The company holds a distribution system in which it offers new opportunities to entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business.

The road to the company's vision has become smoother, making possible the dream of having more and more relevance in the international markets fulfilling the highest market standards. And working with the corporate philosophy of belonging, teamwork, with a strong imprint on innovation, quality and empathy with customers, in order to listen and respond to their needs.

Babalú Fit Is a brand that promises to remain at the forefront by being a step ahead of the requirements of a constantly changing market. And its products speak for themselves, meeting customers' expectations, both in women's fitness apparel and in casual and men's garments and high-quality underwear.