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Vindaloo masala bio - 28gr

Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis Bio is a mixture of various spices and seasonings rich in beneficial properties for the well-being of health. It is very popular in Indian cuisine for its aroma and tasty flavor that it provides to each of the preparations based on meat, fish, rice with vegetables, poultry, which it infuses with its seasoning.

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    Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis Bio an intake of flavors, freshness and quality in every bite

    Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis Bio is the combination of exquisite spices that were mixed to achieve the perfect balance between flavors and aromas, with the aspiration of offering a pleasant flavor in each intake, with a feeling of warmth and freshness, at the same time as the palate is indulged in every bite. Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis Bio has a soft, delicious and spaced hotness that will make lovers of spicy food fall in love and attract, giving food a unique and particular splash. Do not resist any more, accompany your meals and preparations with Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis Bio, it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    What are the characteristics of the Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis BIO ?

    • Mix of natural dried species.
    • Improves digestion.
    • Improves digestive transit.
    • Detoxifies the body naturally.
    • Lowers body fat levels.
    • It prevents coronary diseases.
    • Helps reduce harmful agents in the body.
    • Helper in premature aging.
    • Regulates stomach PH.
    • Rich in iron.
    • Oxygenates the blood.
    • Activates digestive enzymes.

    What is in each shot of the Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis BIO ?

    Vindaloo Masala Bio by Artemis Bio, a mixture of completely natural species that provides the body with a significant amount of beneficial iron for the body. It improves digestive transit, detoxifies the body in a natural way, reduces body fat levels, prevents coronary diseases, delays premature aging, as well as regulates the PH of the stomach. Only by incorporating Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis Bio in your preparations will you provide all these benefits and properties in a healthy, healthy and pleasant way to each part of your body.

    Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis Bio is a mixture of: Cayenne with its astringent properties that it offers in the elimination of harmful agents for the body. Coriander stimulates the digestive system. Ginger with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cumin with its aromatic oils allows the expulsion of gases from the intestines. Black Pepper rich in potassium that controls heart rate and blood pressure. Turmeric has digestive and body fat burning properties. Clove has a responsibility to safeguard cardiovascular health. Garlic is the best depurative, an aid in the elimination of harmful agents from the body, it offers the formation and regeneration of the intestinal flora. As you can see, Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemisbio combines the best to offer you natural health in each bite.

    Benefits of Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis BIO

    With Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis Bio, you give foods characteristic flavors and aromas that will enliven the palate in each combination in a balanced and equal way, while enjoying an excellent combination of natural species and from organic farming.

    Recommended daily dose of Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis BIO

    • Use it to flavor your meals
    • Vindaloo Masala Bio from Artemis Bio can be used in the preparation of poultry, fish, meat, dressings, in foods of preference.
    • You can use it as many times as necessary
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