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Detox eco - 20 sachets

Detox Eco de Artemisbio 100% natural and organic food supplement, a mixture of diuretic vegetables make up this coadjuvant mixture in the elimination of suspended liquids, keeping the liver in perfect condition allowing it to metabolize fats efficiently. Its natural ingredients complement each other, allowing the body to be in perfect harmony with nature.

    • VeganVegan
    • Ecological cultivationEcological cultivation

      Detox Eco by Artemisbio purifies your body in a healthy and natural way

      Detox Eco by Artemisbio has as a priority the elimination of toxins and harmful agents harmful to the body, allowing the body to restore the perfect functioning of the metabolism, discard the liver, pancreatic, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal overload, while fortifying the endocrine system and the nervous system, while offering in weight loss, improves health and increases daily energy. Artemisbio Detox Eco is indicated to protect, help and improve your liver functions, while promoting detoxifying and purifying actions in the body, achieving the well-being and tranquility that is so much sought after.

      Essential Aspects of Artemis BIO Detox Eco

      • Eliminates accumulated toxins and purifies the body.
      • Promotes natural drainage.
      • Helps maintain radiant skin texture.
      • Provides energy to the body.
      • Improves the health of the bone system.
      • Improves liver conditions.
      • Reduces fluid retention.
      • Natural antioxidant.
      • Improves liver functions.
      • Natural anti-inflammatory.
      • Decreases headaches.
      • It does not contain gluten, lactose, preservatives or colorants.
      • It does not contain sugar, sodium, flavorings or fat.

      What is in each shot of Artemis BIO Detox Eco ?

      Artemisbio Detox Eco with its great properties acts as a liver protector, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant of liver cells, protecting them from damage caused by free radicals and toxins, at the same time helping to maintain and improve liver functions. Artemisbio Detox Eco is presented in soft capsules easy to ingest, allowing the body to take advantage of all its wonderful ingredients equally and effectively, it does not contain artificial components of any kind, making it very safe to consume.

      Among the main ingredients of Detox Eco by Artemisbio are: dandelion with its liver and diuretic properties, green nettle with its variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, green tea rich in antioxidants, improves mental agility and thinking , licorice with its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, horsetail offers the elimination of liquids, burdock with its antibacterial and detoxifying properties, artichoke helps in weight loss and turmeric a wonderful stomach and intestinal anti-inflammatory.

      What is achieved with the Detox Eco from Artemis BIO ?

      Detox Eco from Artemisbio you manage to purify the body through the elimination of toxins and agents harmful to health, it offers the proper functioning of the internal organs responsible for the integral purification of the body, this infusion helps the kidneys and liver in their process purification, while providing the body with a lot of energy, tones and cleanses the skin.

      It is indicated for all the people who want to protect, help and improve your liver functions, while purifying your body of malicious agents.

      Recommended daily dose of Artemis Bio Detox Eco

      • Take an infusion a day.
      • Consume with a meal.
      • Take the dose daily.
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