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Animal test explosion stack

Animal Test Explosion Stack from Animal offers you three food supplements made with natural ingredients of the highest quality. You will get at a very good price Animal Test, Animal Stak and Animal M-Stack.

    Pack content
    Animal Test, 21 paks
    1 x Animal Test, 21 paks
    Animal Stak - 21 packs
    1 x Animal Stak - 21 packs
    Animal M-Stak - 21 packs
    1 x Animal M-Stak - 21 packs

      Animal Test Explosion Stack by Animal

      Animal Test Explosion Stack from Animal brings together three types of high-quality food supplements at a very convenient price. Provides Animal Test, Animal Stak and Animal M-Stak.

      Animal Test has Urtica Dioca, Sissus Quadrangularis leaves, transreverastrol root, white mushroom button, hesperetin, and yohimbe root extract. It also includes arachidonic, grapefruit extract and black pepper.

      Animal Stak brings together a Complex of Yellow Capsules that provide tribulus terrestris extract, fenugreek seeds, nettle root powder, and Peruvian maca extract. In the same way, it offers a Complex of White and Blue Capsules that contain arginine, glutamine, and ornithine. To this is added a Blue Capsule Complex with vitamin D, vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, resveratrol, green tea and L-carnitine, among others.

      Finally, you will have Animal M-Stack that contains a Complex of Natural Flavones with extract of cyanotis vaga, 5-methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone, extract of turkenistani ajuga and phytosterols with a high concentration of beta sitosterol. It also includes the Anticatabolic Amino Acid Complex that has leucine, isoleucine, valine, taurine and acetyl-L-carnitine. The Adaptogenic Complex that it has has aswaghanda, kudzu and Siberian ginseng. It also offers an Insulin Enhancing Complex that has fenugreek, grapefruit extract, cinnamon extract and Na-R-Alpha lipoic acid. In the same way, it has an M Factor Complex with ginger, grapefruit and black pepper, and an Energy Complex with caffeine, kola nut and guarana seed powder.

      Animal Test Explosion Stack Information (Animal)

      • Contains Animal Test, Animal Stak, and Anima M-Stak food supplements.
      • It is suitable for men in adulthood.

      Ingredients and format of Animal Test Explosion Stack by Animal

      Animal Test Explosion Stack from Animal offers three cans with add-ons Animal Test, Animal Stak and Animal M-Stak containing 21 packs each.

      Each Animal test pack contributes the following specifications:

      • It has 2500 mg of the Pro-Androgen Complex.
      • Includes 1500 mg of Hypertrophic Response Complex.

      Each Animal Stak pack has the following specifications:

      • Contains 1500 mg of Yellow Capsule Complex
      • Offers 1500 mg of the White-Blue Capsule Complex.
      • It has 1800 mg of the Blue Capsule Complex.

      Each M-Stak pack contains the following specifications:

      • Provides 750 mg of Natural Flavone / Sterone Complex.
      • It has 3000 mg of the Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex.
      • Contains 1000 mg of the Anabolic Adaptogen Complex.
      • Offers 500 mg of Insulin Potentiating Complex with CinulinPF ™.
      • It has 500 mg of M Factor Complex with Bioperine®.
      • Provides 500 mg of the Energy Complex Methylxantine Complex.

      Recommended Daily Portion of Animal Test Explosion Stack

      • Animal Test: take 1 pack 30 minutes before training. On days off take 1 pack at any time of the day.
      • Animal Stak: take 1 pack 30 minutes before training. On days off take 1 pack before going to sleep.
      • Animal M-Stack: consume 1 pack 30 minutes before training. On days off, take 1 pack during the day.
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