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Animal shredder stack

Animal Shredder Stack from Animal is a special offer that provides 3 natural food supplements of very good quality. This is the chance to get Animal Cuts, Animal Stak and Animal Omega.

    Pack content
    Animal Cuts - 42 packs
    1 x Animal Cuts - 42 packs
    Animal Stak - 21 packs
    1 x Animal Stak - 21 packs
    Animal Omega - 30 packs
    1 x Animal Omega - 30 packs

      Animal Shredder Stack by Animal

      Animal Shredder Stack from Animal offers you the opportunity to obtain 3 food supplements made by Animal Nutrition with the highest quality. Contains 3 cans with Animal Cuts, Amimal Stak and Animal Omega.

      Animal Cuts contributes a Red Capsule that contains anhydrous caffeine, kola nut, yerba mate and Siberian ginseng. On the other hand, it also offers a White Capsule with green tea, oolong tea, white tea and coffee. The Orange Capsule provides tyrosine, olive and salva. The White-Red Capsule includes gotu kola, choline, and bacopa monieri. The Yellow Capsule has Panax Ginseng, phosphatidylserine and aswaghanda. It also has a White and Blue Capsule with apple and cinnamon, and two Blue Capsules with dandelion, nettle and uva ursi. To this is added another White Capsule with ginger and grapefruit extract.

      Animal Stak offers 3 Yellow Capsules that provide tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, nettle, and maca extract. It also has 3 White and Blue Capsules with arginine, glutamine and ornithine. To this are added 2 Blue Capsules that contain vitamin D, B6, magnesium, zinc, resverastrol, caffeine and astaxanthin, among others.

      Animal Omega provides vitamins A and D. It also includes an Omega 3 Fatty Acid Complex, an Omega 6 Fatty Acid Complex and an Omega Absorption Complex.

      Animal Shredder Stack (Animal) Features

      • Offers Animal Cuts, Animal Stak and Animal Omega.
      • It is suitable for adults of both sexes.

      Composition of Animal Shredder Stack by Animal

      Animal Shredder Stack from Animal comes with 3 canisters. The Animal Cuts contains 42 packs, the Animal Stak 42 packs and the Anima Omega 30 packs.

      Each pack of Animal Cuts offers the following composition:

      • Offers 750 mg of Red Capsule Complex.
      • It has 630 mg of the White Capsule Complex.
      • Includes 350 mg of Orange Capsule Complex.
      • Provides 980 mg of Blue Capsule Complex.

      Each Animal Stak pack has the following specifications:

      • Includes 1500 mg of Yellow Capsule Complex.
      • Contains 1500 mg of the White and Blue Capsule Complex.
      • Provides 1800 mg of Blue Capsule Complex.

      Each Anima Omega pack has the following composition:

      • Offers 60 calories.
      • It contains 7 g of fat, of which 1 g is saturated fat and 2.75 g is polyunsaturated fat.
      • It has 5 mg of cholesterol.
      • Provides 2000 IU of vitamin A.
      • It has 100 IU of vitamin D.
      • Contributes 4000 mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acid Complex.
      • Provides 2500 mg of Omega 6 Fatty Acid Complex.
      • Includes 200 mg of Omega Absorption Complex.

      Recommended Daily Portion of Animal Shredder Stack

      • Animal Cuts: consume 2 packs a day for 3 weeks, eat in a space of 4 to 6 hours and intersperse with 1 week off.
      • Animal Stak: take 1 pack before breakfast or 45 minutes before training. Intersperse 3 weeks of consumption with 1 week of rest.
      • Animal Omega: take up to 2 packs per day depending on nutritional needs. Athletes with high requirements must double the daily ration.
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