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Animal cuts powder - 265g

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Animal Cuts Powder by Animal is an excellent thermogenic powder made with a formula based on acetyl l-carnitine, caffeine, and l-carnitine l-tartrate, ideal for accelerating fat loss and minimizing fluid retention.

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    Animal Cuts Powder by Animal

    • It is a powdered food supplement made with a formula based on acetyl l-carnitine, l-carnitine l-tartrate, caffeine, choline bitartrate, tyrosine and green tea extract. In addition, it contains a Water Release Complex based on powdered dandelion root and powdered uva ursi leaf.
    • L-carnitine is an amino acid that is synthesized in the kidneys, liver and brain from the essential amino acids methionine and lysine, however, its regular consumption is ideal to promote the proper functioning of the body.
    • L-carnitine l-tartrate is an amino acid made up of 25% l-tartrate and 75% l-carnitine, and has a faster absorption rate than other forms of l-carnitine.
    • Caffeine is an alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves and seeds of coffee, it also has psychostimulant, antioxidant and diuretic properties.
    • Choline bitartrate is a salt that is formed by the union of choline and tartaric acid. Ideal for optimizing carnitine retention.
    • Green tea extract is a product obtained from the fresh leaf of the camellia sinensis plant and contains a composition rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, on the other hand, it has great anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, antiviral and stimulant properties.
    • Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid precursor to several neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline, adrenaline, dopamine, and melanin.

    What is Animal Cuts Powder taken for ?

    • Ideal for accelerating fat loss.
    • Encourages the elimination of retained liquids.
    • It allows to considerably raise the energy indexes.
    • Optimize training intensity.

    Why buy Animal Cuts Powder ?

    • Provides a composition based on natural ingredients of excellent quality and easy digestion.
    • Ideal for men and women with a diet for weight control.
    • Available in two delicious flavors: Ice Blue and Orange Mango.

    How is Animal Cuts Powder taken?

    • Dilute 1 rounded tablespoon (8-10 oz) in your favorite beverage. Take preferably on an empty stomach and just before a meal.
    • Consume 1 serving upon waking and another serving 4-6 hours later.

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    Customer reviews: Animal cuts powder - 265g

    5 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Similar efficacy to its pill version. The product is very comfortable, although the taste is somewhat bad.
    Very good supplement, I use it when summer approaches or in the middle of the year if I see that I am a bit over the top
    The results are equally good, but it is true that it does not accelerate me as much as the other one and that is a hoot.
    I had tried it in pack format but in powder just as powerful and you start to notice it from the first week of taking it
    Questions and answers
    si tomo animal cuts powder, con que suplemento de pre-entreno lo puedo tomar
    2022-10-05 19:27:50 Landy
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    Trae algun dosificador para saber qué cantidad tomar? gracias
    2022-07-29 06:37:33 josé
    Hola josé Por norma general debería traerlo. En caso contrario contacta con atención al cliente Saludos
    2022-07-29 09:59:59 Masmusculo
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    Hola! ¿qué diferencia hay, a parte de cómo se toma, en cuanto a efectividad respecto al animal cuts 42? ¿O es exactamente lo mismo, solo que en polvo?
    2022-07-28 03:07:35 David
    Hola David, es el mismo suplemento, lo que cambia es el formato. Este es en polvo y el otro son 42 packs de pastillas. Saludos
    2022-07-28 10:13:25 Jose Antonio
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    Estaría bien que pusiersn una foto con los ingredientes!
    2022-07-15 07:09:40 Jesús
    hola jesus te informo de que si lleva la etiqueta con todos los ingredientes ya que es un tema obligado por sanidad,gracias y un saludo
    2022-07-15 09:19:26 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Tiene los mismos ingredientes?
    2022-07-12 08:36:41 Isaac
    hola isaac si es el mismo suplemento pero en la info nutricional la dosis te va diferente al igual que los valores que serian por dosis en polvo,gracias y un saludo
    2022-07-12 09:14:54 SALVA VALENCIA
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