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Animal is a company that is part of Universal Nutrition, a large sports supplement company founded in 1977. Animal, founded in 1983, is specialized in the bodybuilder and weightlifter public, whether beginners or experienced ones, offering innovative, specialized and high quality sports supplements.

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SALESAnimal Cuts - 42 packs
Animal Cuts - 42 packsThermogenic
Animal Cuts from Animal is a food supplement that contains metabolic, thyroid, nootropic and...
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SALES19% dtoAnimal M-Stak - 21 packs
Animal M-Stak - 21 packsTestosterone Complex
Universal Nutrition the most advanced natural anabolic Pak! With origins in the science of...
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SALESAnimal whey - 2,3 kg
Animal whey - 2,3 kgWhey Protein
Animal Whey is loaded with whey protein to supplement the protein extreme requirements of weight...
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SALESAnimal Flex 44 Packs
Animal Flex 44 PacksFormulas mejoras articulares
Animal Flex by Animal is a dietary supplement prepared to support the health and functioning of...
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SALESPowdered Animal Pak - 342g
Powdered Animal Pak - 342gMultivitamin Complexes
Powdered Animal Pak from Animal is a new version of the best known and consumed supplement, much...
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SALESAnimal NRG - 250 ml Animal - 1
Animal NRG - 250 mlPre-Workout
Animal NRG from Animal is an incredible energy drink of high effectiveness, made from the best...
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SALESAnimal Omega - 30 packs
Animal Omega - 30 packsOmega 3-6-9
UNIVERSAL Nutrition Animal Omega Essential. What is the difference between basics and basics?.
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SALES20% dtoTank (black) Animal
Tank (black) AnimalMen Tank Tops
Strapless Animal t-shirt, made of cotton and polyester black. .
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SALESSudadera Animal con Cremallera [Animal]
Sudadera Animal con Cremallera [Animal]Sweatshirts
Animal Zip Hoodie by Animal is a comfortable and attractive sportswear with hood, ideal for an...
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SALESAnimal test explosion stack
Animal test explosion stackPacks
Animal Test Explosion Stack from Animal offers you three food supplements made with natural...
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SALESAnimal foundation stack
Animal foundation stackPacks
Animal Foundation Stack from Animal is the opportunity to have 4 high-quality supplements from...
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SALESGreens - 30 packs
Greens - 30 packsMultivitamin Complexes
Greens de Animal is a food supplement made with vegetables, which has been synthesized in packs...
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SALESAnimal immune stack
Animal immune stackPacks
Animal Immune Stack by Animal is a special offer through which you can obtain 3 food...
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SALESAnimal shredder stack
Animal shredder stackPacks
Animal Shredder Stack from Animal is a special offer that provides 3 natural food supplements of...
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SALESAnimal face mask
Animal face maskFace Mask
Reusable Animal Mask is a reusable 3-layer cotton mask. It is very functional and comes with a...
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SALESAnimal military skullies
Animal Wool Hat - Universal NutritionOther Accessories
Animal Wool Hat can be the accessory you need to train in low temperatures, or maybe an elegant...
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SALESAnimal workout towel
Animal Workout Towel - AnimalTowels
Animal Workout Hand Towel from Animal is a hard-wearing sport hand towel that has been...
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SALESAnimal whey - 132g
Animal Whey - 132 gWhey Protein
Animal Whey Protein from Animal contains ultra-pure whey protein isolate, obtained by...
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Bodybuilders and athletes need not only a balanced diet but also require a supplement that helps them achieve their goals whether athletic, on stage or personal, they need a reliable company with years of customer service and innovation, plus use only the most advanced and scientifically proven ingredients. This company has a name, and it's Animal. It is part of Universal Nutrition, a company specializing in the manufacture of sports nutrition supplements since 1977. Animal was founded in 1983 in New Jersey and is dedicated to providing athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders with the best quality products and nutrition and sports health formulas at competitive prices affordable to everyone. Customers choose Animal because they value quality, reliability, responsiveness, service and innovation, everything necessary for their goals to be Animal's, basing their excellent service on these 3 words "Honesty, Integrity and Respect".

Animal offers a variety of products designed for those bodybuilders and athletes who want to be bigger and stronger in a comfortable and simple way, not including extravagant diets or foods of strange origin, simply pure and hard exercise. This range was born with this premise, with the aim of improving physical performance and taking it to the top for all its customers, who choose it every year, thanks to its efficient, effective, innovative and high quality products. Each Animal product is made by a specialized team of veterinary nutritionists, pharmacists and bodybuilders, all experts in the field and with experience in the market of sports supplements, besides that this company is governed by a strict method of manufacture, avoiding the use of chemical and other prohibited ingredients that could damage the quality of the product.

So that each of the supplements follows strict rules of production, so that the user has a quality sports supplement that meets all their needs and achieve the maximum sports performance of those who are regulars to a gym and those who want to start in this wonderful area.

Animal not only offers specialized sports nutrition products, but also helps bodybuilders and athletes follow a path of success, thanks to their blogs and forums through the network, demonstrating that the user is the most important thing for them. For them, the gym is not only a place to exercise, it is also a lifestyle, Animal calls it "Tough Love", in which you fail, you settle, you feel power, you have situations where you lack strength, you have achievements and joys. With this experience, Animal promises to offer the best products of the highest quality, in addition to offering tips and advice to get the most out of their sports supplements, all offered by bodybuilders and athletes with a long experience in bodybuilding and weightlifting.