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MAP Muscle Powder - 344 g

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Novel alternative that provides essential amino acids to avoid muscle catabolism and achieve a faster recovery, improving the effectiveness and results of training. Ideal to include in the diet of any sportsman because it avoids muscular wear while maintaining the muscle mass volume, even the most demanding sportsman will agree with the results.

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    MAP Muscle Powder from AmiXpro® Series. Do not let your muscles wear out!

    Excellent product that gathers a set of essential amino acids, manufactured with high-quality standards. It helps strengthen the physical performance of the muscles, favoring the absorption and assimilation of the protein complex that it offers in our body; avoiding the wear and tear of muscle mass during strong and long training sessions.

    Amino acid is an organic compound from which proteins are made.

    What are the characteristics of MAP Muscle Powder from AmiXpro® Series?

    • A novel formula consisting entirely of essential free-form amino acids.
    • Thanks to its careful elaboration it guarantees a complete assimilation.
    • Keeps muscular wear at bay, which allows excellent recovery and protection.
    • No artificial aromas or sweeteners.

    What does MAP Muscle Powder from AmiXpro® Series provide?

    It is presented as an alternative to traditional tablets; powder format of 344 g with neutral flavor.

    Per every dose of 15 g, this product contains the following group of amino acids: L-Leucine 3600 mg, L-Lysine Hydrochloride 2000 mg, L-Isoleucine 2000 mg, L-Valine 2400 mg, L-Phenylanine 1800 mg, L-Threonine 1500 mg, L-Histidine 700 mg, L-Methionine 500 mg and, L-Tryptophan 200 mg. Combined with its star ingredient Amix™ M.A.P. complex of purified essential amino acids (14700 mg).

    It may contain traces of milk, egg, gluten, peanuts, crustaceans, shellfish, nuts (arbolios).

    What is achieved with MAP Muscle Powder from AmiXpro® Series?

    This product guarantees you to improve the effectiveness of physical training, useful to recover the muscles when they are exhausted and enter into catabolic activity, ensuring maintenance, protection and thus promotion of their performance. It also promises a high absorption of its components by the body, excellent for sportsmen who withstand great wear, designed with the best raw material patented on the market, recommended for the most demanding users.

    t can be used by men and women who work in the world of sports and for those experienced professional athletes who work with heavy weights for a long time. Over the years, this brand has built its niche on a highly competitive market, thus becoming a reference in sports nutrition thanks to the quality it has.

    Recommended daily dose of MAP Muscle Powder from AmiXpro® Series:

    • People who weigh approximately 80 kg should take a cup (5 g), 30 minutes before physical activity. People having a weight between 80 kg and 100 kg, you should take 2 scoops (10 g) before physical activity. People that exceeds 100 kg of body weight should take 2 scoops (10 g) before physical activity, and 1 scoop (5 g) after activity, 2 hours after physical activity.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • Do not abuse the daily dose.
    • Not a substitute for food.
    • This product cannot be used as a source of diagnosis, cure or prevention of any disease.
    • Keep in a cool and dry place.

    Customer reviews: MAP Muscle Powder - 344 g

    31 Reviews
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    The best essential amino acids, together with the GFS from vitobest are the best, with these you are sure to be right
    The taste is not good, really, but the effectiveness of the product is very good. I especially notice it on double session days.
    some very good essential amino acids and more so if it is from the amix brand, therefore I would say that it is my favorite
    There is no comparison to other brands that try to copy the MAP formulation, a higher level product.
    It came in handy for Ramadan, it's hard to fast and not lose muscle when you do. Thanks
    The difference is very considerable in terms of physical performance and recovery when it comes to not taking it.
    Without a doubt, the difference compared to other similar products is quite considerable. As soon as you observe the texture of the product and its dissolution you will notice. Personally, I take them post-training and, since I take them, I notice a better performance training and a better recovery.
    maps are more than essential for serious training and for those who take training seriously
    I have not noticed a difference to note when buying this product from a normal complex of essential amino acids. Although the quality of Amix is beyond any doubt, it is not worth paying the price that this MAP has, being able to acquire a cheaper and / or better-sized complex of essentials.
    One of the best amino acids I've tried. Very good sensations and with the best MAP patent.
    Very good supplement without a doubt one of the best I have bought, great quality and good price
    Essentials of outstanding quality, probably the best on the market. Great effect on post recovery.
    The best MAP product on the market, guaranteeing a total assimilation of each of the amino acids. Without a doubt, it is an essential supplement if you want to guarantee optimal performance and correct recovery. As always, Amix ahead of the rest !! ;)
    As others say, they are the best essential amino acids together with the GFS from vitobest, the recovery is brutal
    I take it during weightlifting training, it helps me to continue training with intensity until the end.
    The best of the best in essential amino acids, very similar to the famous Vitobest GFS, great brands that work very good quality in all their products, the taste despite being amino acids that usually taste very bad is quite good. recommended.
    The best of the best in essential amino acids, very similar to the famous Vitobest GFS, great brands that work very good quality in all their products, the taste despite being amino acids that usually taste very bad is quite good. recommended.
    Very good product, I really recommend it, the price is not bad and this brand never disappoints uyfgty
    It has arrived earlier than expected and I have been able to benefit from a web promotion that has made the product cheaper
    the essential aminos without a doubt more than important for training and without a doubt should not be missing
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    2023-03-20 22:16:31 e
    2023-03-21 09:58:14 Jose Antonio
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    2023-03-20 22:14:56 e
    2023-03-21 09:58:21 Jose Antonio
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    2023-03-21 09:59:11 Jose Antonio
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    hola buenas, se podria tomar junto con la amilopectina en el intraentreno?? gracias.
    2022-02-16 11:36:07 DAGARO
    Buenos días,puedes usarlo perfectamente antes,durante y después del entrenamiento así que tómalo junto a la amilopectina mientras entrenas.
    2022-02-16 11:41:31 Joan
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    que diferencia hay de este al muscle aminopower mirarlo bien porque para mique son iguales o casi iguales tu cuales te quedariasy porque los 2 valen lo mismo ypracticamente levanla misma cantidad varia creoken 40 gramos de peso espero respuesta gracias un saludo muscle amino power vs muscle power porque no creo k la unica diferencia sea k uno lleva sabor y elotro es eutro o?? porque si es por eso valla tela podian haber puesto los de sabores y tambien el neutrojunto en la misma taba como hacen con otras cosas..gracias d nuevo un saludo
    2021-11-25 12:19:21 Enrique Tajes Perez
    hola enrique te comento la unica diferencia que como podras comprobar en este en concreto pone muscle amino power y el de 300g pone muscle amino drink la unico que cambia efectivamente es el formato pero la dosis varia del uno al otro asi como las concentraciones por cada aminoacido,gracias y un saludo
    2021-11-26 10:16:05 SALVA VALENCIA
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    hola en que se diferencian el map muscle amino ower 300g al map muscle power 344g cual esa diferencia que por mas que leo noe encuentro la diferencia y no creo que la diferencia sea que uno trae 40 gramos as porfabor esero respuesta mchas gracias un saludo
    2021-11-23 12:01:40 kike
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    Hola ¿Puede tomarse a primera hora de la mañana al levantarse? ¿Y entre comidas? Gracias
    2020-03-30 17:28:30 fer
    hola las tomas recomendadas son un cazo 30m antes del ejercicio fisico y si superas los 80k a 100k serian 2 cazos uno antes y otro despues del entrenamiento y no olvides de beber abundante agua y no es sustiuto de comidas,gracias
    2020-05-13 10:53:28 SALVA VALENCIA
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