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Rock's energy gel xxl - 65g

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Rock's Energy Gel by Amix is a gel that concentrates a large amount of carbohydrates, to offer immediate energy in long-term sports. It is a format frequently sought after by athletes of very intense disciplines. In this case it comes without caffeine, which is perfect for those who prefer to obtain energy without stimulants.

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    Rock's Energy Gel XXL by Amix will help you give your best in intense and very demanding activities, which also have a high duration. Also enjoy its incredible flavor!

    Rock's Energy Gel XXL from Amix Performance is an energy gel that provides a large amount of carbohydrates, which are released at different speeds, which is designed to provide energy in long-term sports. It is a source of great vitality without caffeine, which you can ingest before or after training.

    What is Rock's Energy Gel XXL from Amix Performance ?

    • It is an energy gel that contributes a large amount of carbohydrates.
    • It has different rates of assimilation.
    • It is recommended in physical activities that have a long duration.

    What's in every shot of Rock's Energy Gel XXL from Amix Performance ?

    Each has the following specifications:

    • Contains 159 kcal.
    • It contributes 39 g of carbohydrates including 32 g of sugars.
    • Includes 160 mg in sodium.
    • It has 80 mg of potassium.
    • It has 160 mg of vitamin C.

    What is Rock's Energy Gel XXL from Amix Performance for ?

    Rock's Energy Gel XXL by Amix Performance is an ideal energy gel for long-term sports activities. This particular product contributes a large amount of carbohydrates, which are assimilated at different rates in the body. In this way, it provides long-lasting energies that act in the body immediately and that work effectively throughout training, or in a demanding competition test. In addition, this is the version without caffeine, which although it is usually used, also has as a consequence an increase in long-term wear. It is ideal for you, if you prefer sources of energy without stimulants.

    Ensure your maximum resistance with Rock's Energy XXL from Amix Performance. When you practice an endurance activity you need to ensure your nutritional requirements. After a certain time of exercising, your body will begin to miss some of its main resources, such as the energy provided by carbohydrates. If you do not have an immediate replacement, it will not take long for the signs of exhaustion to appear, which will get in the way of the goals you want to achieve during your exercise routines.

    This is why you have to have the energy benefits that Rock's Energy XXL from Amix Performance can give you. The carbohydrates with which it contributes have been thought to reinforce your energies at the various times when you exercise. You will have a sustained resistance, and you will enjoy the satisfaction of being able to perform each of the exercise routines, or of being able to exercise for the required time, no matter how long it is.

    Recommended daily dose of Rock's Energy Gel XXL by Amix Performance

    • Take 1 gel every hour of training.

    Customer reviews: Rock's energy gel xxl - 65g

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    Rock's Gel without caffeine from Amix Performance is a gel based on carbohydrates mixed in optimal doses to provide immediate energy and that does not generate insulin peaks, that is, it provides energy in a sustained way, to be able to have energy for a long period of time.
    These gels are great, I use them every day that I go out with the bike on the road, normally after half a section I am quite exhausted and I can not recover eating, I need something faster action, these gels are the ostia, they make you return to the life to the istante
    the best on the market, for those days out on a long route bike that you get crushed on the way out, taking one of these gives you all the energy you need to come and go again, before I always had very low energy, this achieves you give a very noticeable high. I recommend it
    I practice high-performance and high-intensity sports and on some excessively long days, so I bought a whole box of these gels from the amix brand that I had already tried before and they have been fantastic for me to endure my hard training sessions.
    Energy gels from the amix brand, suitable for long-distance and long-lasting sports like the ones I practice, I've been taking them for several weeks, I take a couple of them every time I get on the bike and they really help me to get less fatigued and give me that extra energy What I need.
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