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Natural caffeine - 60 capsules

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If we talk about food supplements that improve performance, the first that should be mentioned would be Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance, since it has hundreds of scientific articles behind it, guaranteeing its effectiveness. It is an organic caffeine extracted from 100% natural green coffee. This important patent gives us 95% purity, offering 200mg of caffeine per capsule. It does not dehydrate, in fact, it will improve the performance but it will increase your wear, that is why you should have a good nutrition and hydration.

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    Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance: It does not dehydrate, but you should bare in mind that a good nutrition and hydration is necessary since it will improve your performance but also increase your wear.

    Furthermore, the main problem with caffeine is that due to its flavour, it is difficul to add to sports drinks. Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance is a soluble and flavourless caffeine so the capsule can be opened to add it to your sports drink. This food supplement contains PurCaf®, which is an organic caffeine extracted from 100% natural high quality green coffee.

    It is usually used by those who want to reduce their level of body fat. That is why caffeine not only helps you to speed up metabolism, it also makes your body to quickly burn fat.


    Essential characteristics of Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance

    • PurCaf®, the patented organic caffeine extracted from 100% natural green coffee.
    • It is a powerful stimulant that reduces the feeling of tiredness.
    • It improves mental concentration and improves physical performance.
    • It helps the nervous system and accelerates the recovery processes.
    • It helps speed up metabolism and burn fat.
    • It has Vcaps® capsules, the best vegetarian capsules in the world.


    Ingredients of Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance

    Among its ingredients it has the following:

    • Green coffee


    What is achieved with this Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance?

    It is the perfect supplement to improve your sports performance since caffeine, the only ingredient in this supplement, has shown through a multitude of scientific studies that it can improve the activation of the central nervous system and the optimization of the metabolism of nutrients.

    Therefore, Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance will improve your perceptiveness and energy production during training, which is a practical, effective and economical source for those busy days full of activities. It is perfect if you need extra energy or if you feel tired.

    Caffeine produces the release of adrenaline in the blood which stimulates the release of deposited fat in the muscles. That is why, the body can conserve this energy without adding extra carbohydrates and allows prolong the effort for a longer period. Caffeine increases mental attention.


    Recommended daily dose of Natural Caffeine by Amix Performance

    • High intensity efforts up to 3 hours: Take 1 capsule 30 min before the effort (Be careful if you are using other products with caffeine and do not exceed intakes of more than 350mg of caffeine).
    • Intensity efforts, from 3 to 6 hours: Take 1 capsule in a drink halfway through the workout. (Be careful if you are using other products with caffeine and do not exceed accumulative amounts of more than 350mg).

    Customer reviews: Natural caffeine - 60 capsules

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    I notice this caffeine a lot compared to others that I have taken and that are much cheaper, it will be because of the patents that it uses or because of the raw materials that are of very good quality.The only downside it may have is the price for some people but I will continue to buy it in particular.
    caffeine is more than essential for my intense workouts since with it I make all kinds of workouts, whether high intensity or medium intensity, very happy with the product and amix, the best supplement brand on the market !!!
    a good effective burner and you do not have to take many capsules that many of the thermogenic or fat burners you have to take many tablets with this one is enough with 4 maximum and without a doubt that coming from amix it is good yes or yes! !
    Although this caffeine is very expensive compared to others, the effect it causes me is not achieved by any other. It improves a lot, not only my activation level of the nervous system, but my ability to resist much more, reducing my fatigue very considerably.
    This is the best caffeine I have ever tasted hands down. I always use it before fasting cardio and before my workout. I notice a lot more concentration and energy before physical exercise. In general, I really like the whole line of amix performance.
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