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Peruvian Maca - 120 capsules

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Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition is a precursor of high quality energy based on Maca root extract (Lepidium meyenii) with a concentration of 10:1. It is a 100% natural product with the invigorating and stimulating properties of Maca, which increases energy and endurance.

    • How is it taken?
      How is it taken?
      Capsule / s with a glass of water
    • How many times?
      How many times?
      Twice a day
    • When should it be taken?
      When should it be taken?
      On an empty stomach before and after training
    • What do you take it for?
      What do you take it for?
      Gaining muscle mass and strength
    • Usos
      Gain muscle mass

    Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition, the supplement to give you energy by the natural way of Maca, guaranteed fitness life.

    Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition is made from Maca root extract (Lepidium meyenii), from the Andean Maca plant, Peru, which has properties to increase energy and endurance, as well as having properties to stimulate fertility and improve libido. The Peruvian Maca has been associated for a long time with the regulation of some internal processes of our body in a natural way and raise the energy and endurance of both men's and women's sports, as it has very powerful energy effects. The natives used Maca as an aphrodisiac, and also to cure diseases, because it has effects of stimulation and activation of the immune system.

    Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition is a great supplement for male invigoration, and great precursor of libido, generating an organic source of energy in the best way, because everything flows naturally with Maca. It acts on the endocrine system to improve its functionality and help overcome fatigue by prolonging the stay in the gym or intense sports training to achieve greater physical performance. Energy is an important foundation to keep the body stronger and ready to perform any activity required.

    Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition favors mental and physical health, which means that greater concentration with this product is achieved. Mental clarity is important in reflexes and improve competitive sports performance. It helps to keep the body free of stress or elements that cause any general discomfort, thanks to its adaptogenic properties. It increases energy levels in a healthy and natural way and maintains a correct function of the immune system. It is a wonderful source of vital natural nutrients.

    Facts of Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition

    • Energy precursor based on Maca root extract
    • 100% natural supplement
    • High quality Peruvian Maca
    • Root of Maca 10:1
    • Boosts stamina
    • Powers the libido
    • Favors the fertile processes, being a great aphrodisiac
    • Maintains proper function of the immune system
    • Stimulates mental health and concentration
    • Boosts sports performance

    Peruvian Maca from AMIX Nutrition is the right one for the activation of energy in the most natural way possible, with the properties of a plant (Maca) that has been clinically proven its energetic and endurance enhancing effects. Its versatility makes it a highly sought after product by enthusiastic athletes and sportsmen to increase their performance, both outside and inside the training place. It is a good aphrodisiac for the stimulation of the sexual appetite, recommended for an active sexual life.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule two (2) times daily or as directed by a qualified professional. Take with plenty of water.

    Customer reviews: Peruvian Maca - 120 capsules

    9 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    The best maca I ever had, it shows from the first day, what a great product, the quality is paid.
    120 capsules
    I am really taking maca for libido and I am very happy with the product because it has gone up and it shows a lot
    120 capsules
    I am really taking maca for libido and I am very happy with the product because it has gone up and it shows a lot
    120 capsules
    Maca works very well if you are a person who has libido problems, I recommend it and more from amix.
    120 capsules
    The best that has gone for me so far, much more energy for the day and especially noticeable in the improvement of sexual relations.
    120 capsules
    Taking Maca shows the main thing that raises your libido and on the other hand what is improved in recovery
    120 capsules
    If you are one of the people who has low libido, you should definitely take it because it is phenomenal
    120 capsules
    I had never tried this type of supplement and the truth is that it has worked for me, I recommend it.
    120 capsules
    Of the maca supplements that I have noticed the most. At the level of energy and libido, the difference is very noticeable.
    120 capsules
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