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PepForm Glutamine Peptides - 90 capsules

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PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition is a product of very good quality, contains L-Glutamine which is an amino acid that favors the body during training, this food supplement is perfect for athletes as it protects muscles, delays fatigue, reduces the risk of injury and more.

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    PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition, composed of glutamine and peptides, perfect for the physical condition of an athlete.

    PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition is an excellent nutritional supplement that has the unique form of L-Glutamine, this is created from a patented process known as PepForm. PepForm was developed thanks to the company Glambia Nutritionals, which, with the help of the latest technology, is able to combine the free form of glutamine with peptides isolated from whey protein from sweet and fresh milk using fractionation technology and of advanced separation. These peptides are structured and absorbed much faster, have better utility and also provide the body with the best effects of glutamine supplementation (Glutamine peptides can provide an improved form of highly bioavailable Glutamine).

    PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition is an excellent nutritional supplement that offers the consumer a form of Glutamine that is much better than the Glutamine we normally know (L-Glutamine). This is the most abundant amino acid in the muscle, which is very important in cases of prolonged stress, intense workouts, accelerating the recovery of injuries, among others. L-Glutamine can favor the hydration of cells, which produces a retention of the water inside the cells, also increases the size of the cells, which is able to increase strength by increasing the contact surface between the fibers that upon contraction are pushed together, creating a good impulse that can improve the transmission of the forces generated by the muscle fibers. Glutamine is the amino acid with greater capacity to generate glucose and glycogen at the liver level, which is of great importance in the processes of recovery and constitutes an essential sustenance to maintain the antioxidant activity of all the cells of the organism.

    PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition is a perfect supplement for all types of people who want to enjoy this great product such as: athletes who in times of muscle definition want to protect their muscle mass, also for users of gyms and fitness lovers who want to recover adequately from all workouts, also for anyone who wants to get a great extra input of L-glutamine and the general population who want to protect their muscle mass from the effects of aging, weight loss, among others, besides that can be used by athletes and sportsmen in both phases of volume and definition. This great product has the benefits of glutamine, which is important for our body, although it is not considered essential, but in certain situations, such as when physical activity is high, a greater contribution of the same is needed through supplementation.

    Facts of PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition

    • Accelerates recovery after exercise.
    • Increases strength and muscle mass.
    • Fast absorption.
    • Delays fatigue.
    • Protects muscles from intense physical wear.
    • A soluble and highly bioavailable peptide form.
    • Can reduce the risk of injury from too much exercise.

    PepForm Glutamine Peptides from Amix Nutrition is an excellent product for people who want an extra input of L-Glutamine, especially for athletes who perform workouts that can be very intense, so the extra of glutamine gives them the benefits they need for training.

    Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with a glass of water, 30 minutes before performing physical activity and take 1 capsule at the end of training.

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