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Low carb zerohero protein bar - 65g

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The Zero Hero 31% Bar from Amix is a tasty high-protein bar that is made with an incredible blend of proteins from MilkPro®. It is also low in carbohydrates and sugars, making it perfect for athletes who want to eat a rich and nutritious snack.

      Treat yourself to enjoy this exquisite Zero Hero 31% Amix Bar. Rich in protein and low in sugars and carbohydrates.

      The Zero Hero 31% Bar from Amix is a tasty bar high in protein and very low in carbohydrates (especially low in sugars), which you can enjoy at any time of the day in order to provide necessary nutrients to your body, and more if you do intense activities everyday. In addition, this snack is very delicious and crunchy, since it is presented with two types of chocolate toppings, which makes it even more irresistible.

      The Zero Hero 31% Bar from Amix for all its delicious production process has so far become an appetizing snack to delight when you feel like it the most. In fact, it will be a good choice for a snack or to satisfy a spontaneous craving, as it provides valuable and very excellent nutrients that further improve your sports diet and your strong body structure.

      A portion of this succulent Zero Hero 31% Bar from Amix provides you with about 20.2 grams of protein, which represents more or less 31% of the proteins that your body requires every day. In addition, this product includes an incredible quality, since it adds to its recipe the MilkPro® patent, which provides one of the best sources of protein in sports supplementation, specifically a mixture of CFM® whey isolate and concentrate, together with the isolate. and milk protein concentrate.

      This combination makes this rich Bar Zero Hero 31% from Amix offer you a good protein balance so that you can supply the necessary amino acids to the muscles, and thus stimulate their proper development and full recovery after exercise. Thus, this interesting snack would be of great nutritional support for carrying out intense workouts, both in strength and endurance sports.

      The most pleasant thing about eating this Bar Zero Hero 31% from Amix , is that you will not be supplying your body with excess carbohydrates and little usable sugars. On the contrary, this product is quite reduced in sugars and carbohydrates, so it does not make you fat, nor does it detract from its good protein intake. This bar is also rich in fiber, which is why it increases the filling of your stomach after eating it.

      This delicious Zero Hero 31% Bar from Amix really has no competition, since it has been prepared with a succulent content of good flavor and with double chocolate coverage (partial or total, depending on the flavor you prefer). It even has a very crunchy and perfect texture, so it is a good snack that you will not be able to resist.

      Specifications of the Zero Hero Bar 31% of Amix per serving (65 gr)

      • Made with an excellent combination of proteins, from MilkPro®
      • It has double chocolate coverage, with delicious flavor and texture
      • One bar provides an energy value of 264 kcal
      • Provides only 11.1 grams of fat
      • Of which only 6.9 gr are saturated
      • Has 18.1 grams of carbohydrates
      • Of which only 0.9 gr are sugars
      • With 5.5 g of fiber
      • With more than 20.2 grams of protein
      • With only 0.08 g of salt

      If you have cravings and need something quick to enjoy then opt for this irresistible Zero Hero 31% Bar from Amix. A product for athletes and fitness users who also bet on the rich and nutritious.

      Recommended use : you can eat one (1) Zero Hero 31% Amix Bar a day, at any time for a snack. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

      Customer reviews: Low carb zerohero protein bar - 65g

      89 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      They are the ones that I have found that have more protein and I really like how they taste and the texture
      60 g
      The truth is that the texture and satiety of these bars are very good. I have only tried the vanilla-almond flavor and it is good, but I will try the rest.
      How well these types of bars suit me since without giving up the good flavor and giving me the contribution I need
      60 g
      Low in carbohydrates and with twenty grams of protein. I take it between meals when I'm away from home and it fills me up quite a bit.
      60 g
      The chocolate and coconut ones are delicious, the texture is very good and they are quite satiating given their size
      Good option for between meals or after training, good range of flavors and low in carbohydrates.
      60 g
      Good parrita, somewhat expensive for how small it is but it is high in protein.
      60 g
      My favorite is the chocolate with orange, that contrast between sweet and acid is brutal. Of macros, good!
      These bars are delicious with a very good flavor and with values that the truth is you can be calm with the sugars
      Delicious amix bars are low in carbohydrates and at a good price and the highest recommended quality
      60 g
      The barita is super good, it is not low in carbohydrates and fats, but it is worth it, high in protein and delicious.
      The flavor is unbeatable, it seems to me to be a vice of a bar and one of the cleanest I've ever tasted.
      One of the protein bars with the highest percentage on the market and with a quality / price ratio, compared to others, really good. I especially liked the flavor of chocolate with coconut, which is very similar to the classic Bounty chocolate bar.
      very good product the truth is that I am happy I recommend it and it is not expensive the truth is good thing rswer
      60 g
      Quite clean in general and with a very successful chocolate flavor. The texture is also very consistent and satiating.
      The vanilla with almond flavor is very good, the texture is also very nice and the macros are not bad at all.
      Very low carb and therefore sugar bar, I take them during my snacks or before training.
      60 g
      How delicious is this bar? The truth is that Amix always makes its top quality products
      The flavor is very good, they are my favorite for a protein snack.
      Very good, both in flavor and in macros, the bar is the cleanest that exists, without carbs or fat.
      60 g
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