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Hydropure Whey - 1.6kg

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HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition is an excellent sports nutrition supplement, made of partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, ideal to stimulate a correct protein synthesis and favor an optimal recovery of the body after workouts.

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    HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition, an excellent nutritional supplement, specialized in favoring the maximum use of the proteins in the body.

    HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition is an extraordinary nutritional supplement for sports use made from the partial hydrolyzing process of the whey protein isolate in order to contribute to a better absorption of the protein consumed. This extraordinary sports supplement is ideal to stimulate an optimum recovery of the body in the shortest possible time after performing the intense exercise routines, contributing to greatly improve physical performance and obtain better results after training.

    HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition is ideal for high-performance athletes and sportsmen, as well as for amateurs to practice any sports modality as a highly nutritious supplement to their daily diet. This fantastic formulation based on partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is the best choice for those looking to obtain greater protein synthesis. The unbeatable HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition provides a significant energy value that favors the increase in strength, endurance and vitality levels, stimulating the optimum body performance and contributing to decrease fatigue and exhaustion caused by the intensity of the training routines performed.

    HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition offers an extraordinary formula enriched with nutrients that stimulate the physical development and contribute to maintain the health of the organism in optimal conditions. Within its formula, it contains a patented combination of peptides specialized in stimulating the effective action of the amino acids within the muscle tissues and at the same time, it counts on an important dose of LactoSpore, a component of natural origin that contributes a lot of Lactobacillus Sporogenes, a micro-organism probiotic that favors the digestion through the increase of the digestive enzymes, stimulates the proper operation of the intestinal flora among other benefits.

    Facts of HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition

    • Made from whey protein isolate partially hydrolyzed.
    • Low in fat.
    • Provides excellent energy value.
    • Ideal to contribute to optimum physical development.
    • Favors an adequate protein synthesis.
    • Contains probiotics.
    • Provides important concentration in BCAAs and other amino acids.
    • Delicious taste.

    HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition is the perfect ally for those looking for a sports supplement that adequately complements their nutrition, providing a high protein value thanks to its excellent protein and carbohydrate composition and which in turn does not contribute a large number of calories thanks to its low fat content.

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement, it is recommended to add 33 grams of HydroPure Whey from Amix Nutrition into 300 milliliters of water or skim milk and ingest between 1 and 3 shakes daily, depending on your protein requirement.

    Customer reviews: Hydropure Whey - 1.6kg

    24 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    The protein with the best assimilation that I have taken and that is very noticeable both in muscle tone and in the good recovery it offers.
    a whey hydrolyzate that is of high quality and the truth is that it is worth its price because it is very top
    One of the best whey hydrolysates I have found on the market, digestion is perfect, no discomfort
    My husband who is a competitor takes it, he always trusts it.
    a hydrolyzed person that the truth is that it is of very high quality and well the price skyrockets
    My husband who is a competitor takes it, he always trusts it.
    One of the best proteins I have tried, without a doubt it is a bit expensive but otherwise it is excellent
    I have to say that the taste is too light, but the recovery and muscle tone it offers is very good.
    A protein that, although it is very expensive and I am aware that not everyone can afford it, I have noticed a more than significant improvement in my body composition and in my workouts. The strawberry yogurt flavor seems crazy to me!
    A protein that, although it is very expensive and I am aware that not everyone can afford it, I have noticed a more than significant improvement in my body composition and in my workouts. The strawberry yogurt flavor seems crazy to me!
    The protein is perfect, tastes great and mixes with minimal shaking. The taste is also very pleasant.
    High quality protein and ultra fast assimilation. One of the best proteins to absorb quickly after a workout.
    a good hydrolyzate and of very high quality because it could not be from another brand like amix very happy with the purchase
    One of the best whey hydrolysates on the amix market. It dissolves perfectly, I use it after training.
    Good protein supplement that I take after my training and the truth is that it is working quite well for me
    A protein that is not even noticeable in the stomach, that is noticeably absorbed in seconds, really good.
    Very good product, whey isolate of the best quality and flavor.
    Great rotein with an incredible flavor, they are all great. I use it after I do weights every day
    This protein hydrolyzate is very good in dissolution and has a very good taste. With Amix it is an easy hit.
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    2022-03-11 20:11:16 Enrique
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    hola no se si me hsbeis respondido ya creo recordar que si pero no se de donde habeis sacado la info...que tanto por ciento de aislado y de hidrolizado lleva esta prote prque yo no veo por ningun lado esta informacion y no es lo mismo que lleve un 10% de hidrolizado que que lleve un 50 y de donde sacais vosotros esa info porque el fabricante creo que no lo pone o porlomenos yo no lo veo porque la info se ve muy muy borrosa aver si me podeis ayudar ya que es una prote que si me interesa quiero comprar y como vereis no vale 20 euros vale muchisimo dinero...espero respuesta gracias y decirme de donde sacais la info porque yo no lo veo y no se si teneis linea directa con amix lo dudo...espero respuesta graciasun saludo
    2021-11-24 21:13:47 Enrique
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    que tanto por cientode aislado y dehidrolizado llevara porque noeslo mismoque lleve un10% de hidrolizado que lleve un 50 o 605no es ara nada lo mismo me da mucha rabia que con el precio que tiene no sean claros en las especificaciones creo que con ese precio que tienne podria ser un 905 de hidrolizado aver si me podeis ayudar pero creo que con la respuesta que me eis me voy a quedar igual porque creo que teneis la misma info que yo.bueno espero respuesta gracias un saludo
    2021-11-23 02:00:10 kike
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