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Gym Towel Amix - Amix Nutrition

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AMIX- €1.04= ¡€9.36!

Gym Towel Amix from Amix is an essential accessory to be used in the execution of physical exercises. This one is made from the best materials which will provide you with comfort and hygiene and it can also be used to place on the gym pieces that you think are dirty or sweaty.

      Gym Towel Amix from Amix, ideal to always carry to training.

      It is an essential accessory to be used in the execution of physical exercises. It provides comfort and hygiene since it has a soft texture and your body is not in direct contact with the machines that are used in the gym or sports center. It is made of 100% cotton fiber, and absorbs your sweat.

      Gym Towel Amix from Amix is very useful for people who exercise in gyms, sports centers or do outdoor activities, because it is a towel of an ideal size to be used in such sports, is made of fine fibers 100% cotton, excellent quality and great absorbent power. It serves as support to avoid contact with the surfaces of machines or equipment of the gym used in physical activity. It is a beautiful sports accessory for demanding people, soft texture, resistant and absorbent, indispensable for all people engaged in physical or sports activity, ideal to take to the gym or similar to the performance of sports or physical exercise of your preference.

      Doing physical exercises also involves the use of high-quality sports accessories, easy to use and of perfect fit, conditions that are contained in Gym Towel Amix, which will make you more hygienic and comfortable to develop this activity, so you will feel full freedom to work every muscle of your body in the gym, free of worries as it isolate your body from the gym equipment as well as dry the sweat of your skin, generated by the hard workouts. These training centers require their users to use this type of accessory to protect the equipment from direct contact of the body, that is why this accessory is very useful for people who routinely attend the gym to perform some physical activity. It is very comfortable, of an appropriate size to put on the equipment or machines, and made of a 100% cotton material that will give you softness, will leave your skin dry without mistreating it. With the use of this towel you protect your body by not making direct contact with the surface of the machines or equipments and also, these equipments are protected since the direct friction of the skin and the sweat contaminates them or deteriorates them.

      Facts of Gym Towel Amix from Amix

      • Made of 100% cotton microfiber
      • Its size is ideal for gym machines and equipment
      • Super absorbent, soft and delicate

      For your comfort and well-being, hygiene and health of your skin, when you execute your physical exercise routine, take your Towel to the gym, which will provide you with safety, hygiene and comfort. It is as soft as a caress.

      Recommended Use: Gym Towel Amix can be used in the gym, to place it on machines and exercise equipment, or in other places where you perform physical exercises. You can use it to absorb the sweat that expels your body when performing physical activity.

      Customer reviews: Gym Towel Amix - Amix Nutrition

      11 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      light and comfortable a very good design I love it absorbent and dries quickly quality price is quite good and the design is incredible
      Amix Nutrition
      It's not the best gift in the world, but it will go to my girl for her birthday hahaha. Not bad
      Amix Nutrition
      how well it goes and how I like this towel since the truth is that it is more than necessary to train
      Amix Nutrition
      It has a fairly soft touch and it suits me great for yoga, although a little small if it is for me
      Amix Nutrition
      Great, it's light and very comfortable to wear, it absorbs well and dries quite quickly, so I recommend it
      Amix Nutrition
      Very good towel, good design and the brand that I am consuming the most, I am very happy with the purchase
      Amix Nutrition
      It is a super nice towel, with some colors that look very good and in addition to a brand that I usually use as a friend and you can tell that it is not one of these bad towels
      Amix Nutrition
      A very nice towel with perfect sizes to take to the gym and train, highly recommended
      Amix Nutrition
      wipe that the truth is that it fulfills its function and is not bad at the price of what it is!!!
      Amix Nutrition
      Nice design and perfect size to be able to take it for directed classes, happy with the purchase.
      Amix Nutrition
      Soft and pleasant touch because it is one hundred percent cotton. It's quite aesthetic too. a good buy
      Amix Nutrition
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