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Glutamine + BCAA - 360 caps

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Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition is an extraordinary nutritional supplement in capsules, ideal to stimulate the proper development of muscles during workouts. Its novel formula helps to decrease catabolism, stimulate growth and maintenance of muscle volume and stimulate an adequate recovery after intense training.

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    Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition, a fantastic combination of Glutamine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), perfect for protecting muscle mass and favoring a quick and effective recovery after workouts.

    Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition is a wonderful nutritional supplement that integrates in an advanced formula, the combination of extraordinary doses of Glutamine and BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio. This fantastic combination of amino acids is ideal to stimulate proper muscle development and stimulate muscle recovery in the shortest time possible, helping to obtain excellent results in physical performance during training, all in a magnificent tablet format, perfect for take it anywhere and enjoy its benefits easily and practically.

    Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition is the ideal supplement for athletes and exercise enthusiasts, thanks to its fantastic components contribute to achieve and maintain an optimal physical state, acting as protective shield of muscle mass against possible damages caused by muscle catabolism, minimizing their incidence in the muscles. The incorporation of glutamine and BCAAs in equal proportion within the novel nutritional formula offered by this unbeatable product allows to guarantee the adequate absorption of nutrients, helping them to keep their muscles strong, healthy and with the desired volume.

    Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition is the ideal ally to keep your muscles in optimum conditions thanks to the great nutritional value offered by its formula. Glutamine, one of the main components of this product, is an amino acid of great importance for the body, thanks to its extraordinary regenerative power that favors the hydration of cells and the regeneration of cellular tissues. BCAAs act as building blocks that stimulate the synthesis of proteins contributing to their absorption and stimulate growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

    Facts of Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition

    • Provides an important dose of Glutamine and BCAAs.
    • Helps to combat catabolism.
    • Ideal to stimulate growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
    • Stimulates the synthesis of proteins.
    • Reduces fatigue.
    • Helps to get a faster and more effective recovery.
    • Taking the recommended dose does not generate counterproductive effects.

    Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition inputs the nutrients needed for a perfect muscle development, so its use is widely recommended by physical training specialists as a supplement to their feeding routines. The excellent capsules of Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition effectively combat catabolism and function as an energy substrate during muscle contraction in training, reducing fatigue and favoring an adequate recovery.

    Recommended Use: as a nutritional supplement, take 6 capsules of Glutamine + BCAA from Amix Nutrition daily with plenty of water, preferably before training.

    Customer reviews: Glutamine + BCAA - 360 caps

    15 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    They are very effective, as well as comfortable to transport and ingest. Amix never disappoints whatever the product.
    I take it both before and after cardio workouts to prevent catabolism and recovery.
    it is super important to take bcaas with glutamine since with them you will reduce fatigue as intra-training
    Very good value for money. Excellent quality. Note recovery from training from day one
    The capsules are very easy to swallow and are very effective in terms of recovery and delay of fatigue. Very well.
    They are a little more expensive than other brands but at Amix you know it's quality that's why I choose these
    I notice much more resistance and how I recover better between sets during training. Very effective product.
    I bought it for me and my girlfriend, we usually go out on the weekend and it's better than making a milkshake
    Very good supplement that I take daily in my training and helps me perform better
    Very good supplement, I personally take it throughout the year and it always gives me very good results
    The product is good. A little expensive but hey, the brand is known and the truth is that I have good references.
    Very comfortable to take and very effective, I recover much better and they help me perform better in training.
    A very good product, I get less tired and I need less recovery time between sets.
    I really like this product given the ease of transporting the capsules and the good results in post-recovery.
    It is important to take Bcaas with glutamine because they are the ones that most favor recovery and prevent catabolism
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