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Exclusive Protein Bar - 40 g

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Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition is ​​a bar that stands out for having a great texture, a very delicious flavor, an important protein content and a light weight. This protein bar has been made from ingredients that together constitute a powerful combination. It can be consumed between meals, before or after a workout.

      Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition will become the most delicious and protein supplement for your workouts.

      Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition is a protein bar that has been designed with the intention of facilitating the enough absorption of protein, no matter if it is before or after training.

      This bar has been made with hydrolyzed beef peptides, hydrolyzed milk peptides, whey isolate, whey isolate that was very slightly hydrolyzed, among others. It is simply an explosive combination. Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition is a very rich nutritional supplement that should not be missing in your training diet, as it provides what is necessary to help meet those needs that come up with intense training.

      This special bar stands out for its great texture, a taste that is really delicious, for its special lightness and for its incredible protein content. Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition favors an optimal recovery, promotes the regeneration of muscle tissue, contributes an important amount of proteins and stimulates the increase of energy with its carbohydrates.

      With the consumption of this unique protein bar, you will delight completely because it has two things that are very important, a healthy content and a wonderful flavor. Enjoy this fantastic bar to the maximum. With this nutritional supplement that is presented in the form of a very tasty bar, you will greatly favor your body. Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition is ​​the best to provide your body with protein and represents a supplement perfect to have an excellent recovery in the most delicious way. This protein bar can be consumed between meals, before or after training. It does not matter if you train in the most intense way, with this bar, you will the benefits.

      Facts of Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition

      • Protein bar easy to carry.
      • Allows a very good recovery.
      • Bar of good texture, great lightness and excellent flavor.
      • Made from high-efficiency components of the highest quality.
      • Has carbohydrates that help promote the increase of the levels of energy.
      • Ideal for athletes, people who are physically active and endurance and strength sportsmen.

      This is a product that you will love from the very first time you taste it because of its mouth-watering flavor and its magnificent protein content. Exclusive Protein Bar from Amix Nutrition is ​​a great supplement that is very rich in protein content, contributes to a quality nutrition, has the best texture and is the best nutritional supplement in bar format that you can eat. So, be really smart and do not overlook the richest bar on the market!

      Recommended use: as a food supplement, eat one bar a day. It can be consumed between meals, before or after training.

      Customer reviews: Exclusive Protein Bar - 40 g

      15 Reviews
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      4 stars
      3 stars
      How delicious is this amix bar the truth is that I did not expect less from this great brand 100x100 quality
      40 g
      Very good bar to eat between meals. It's very good, I always eat one in the afternoon and I make sure to put a minimum of protein in it.
      40 g
      Quite adjusted in price compared to other bars on the market and, above all, to be Amix. The truth is that the flavors are very successful and the texture of the bar is very similar to any of the "no fit." As a recommendation, I would go for the peanut butter flavor! : P
      40 g
      very good product I really recommend it, it is good economical you can tell, this brand does not disappoint iu
      40 g
      Some delicious bars, without a doubt, everything that amix does is exquisite, quite complete in terms of the ammonographic profile of proteins and carbohydrates and sugars, it has a low percentage, which is what matters if a bar has a lot of protein and few hydrates.
      85 g
      I was surprised by the taste, it's very good
      40 g
      The amix bars are very good as it gives you a good percentage of very high protein !!!!
      85 g
      Very good bar, I usually take it as post-training and the truth is that it satisfies a lot, the banana one is incredible
      85 g
      Amix Exclusive Protein Bar is the great high protein snack you have been waiting for. It is a delicious high-protein bar with almost 30% protein, with an exquisite flavor and texture. Formulated to be the fantastic supplement for athletes and high-level athletes who require an extra supply of protein.
      85 g
      It is a good bar to take between meals, it has a good price also because the size is adjusted
      40 g
      Very good option, economical for what is usually seen in terms of protein bars. They are quite filling despite their small size and the flavors are quite good, at least double chocolate, chocolate-coconut and berries, which are what I have tried.
      40 g
      A healthy option to have as a mid-morning snack and not have to pull the machines at work. Although they are a bit expensive, they do quite well in terms of satiety and flavor. I usually get two boxes of different flavors, to combine. My favorites, chocolate-coconut and chocolate-banana.
      85 g
      quite good I recommend it is quite good in flavor and economical for those moments of anxiety I eat it
      85 g
      Very good, excellent for any type of snack snack, before training, during training and after training they go great, I use them for everything and I take them everywhere, there are also more loaded with carbs, mark amix 10 points
      85 g
      They are a very good snack at a very good price, they are a little smaller than the usual size but they fill you up well
      40 g
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