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Carnishot 3000 - 60 ml

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Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition is a practical and delicious way to include carnitine in your sports diet. It contains super-concentrated l-carnitine, along with vitamin B6 and taurine, which combine to increase your energy, improve your performance and to help you burn excess body fat. It effectively supports your workouts and your daily vitality.

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    Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition is what you really need to boost your energy and eliminate fat from your body. It comes in easy-to-use vials and tastes delicious!

    Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition is a dietary supplement that you really need to reinforce your nutrition with an excellent concentration of l-carnitine. It also contains taurine and vitamin B6, two nutrients that deeply contribute to your energy metabolism.

    Main characteristics of Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition:

    • Increases energy levels.
    • Improves physical performance.
    • Promotes the reduction of body fat.

    What does Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition provide?

    Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition comes in vials containing 60 ml of liquid supplement.

    Nutrition facts per serving of Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition:

    • 3000 mg of l-carnitine.
    • 1000 mg of taurine.
    • 10 mg of vitamin B6.

    What is Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition taken for?

    Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition is a food supplement that comes in liquid format, with which you can obtain an incredible reinforcement of l-carnitine. It also contains taurine and vitamin B6 which together with carnitine increase your energy and improve your physical performance.

    You can take advantage of its benefits if you practice high-intensity sports. It will help you reduce excess fat in your body, which will favor an increase in your physical power. Taurine also contributes to a greater sensitivity to carbohydrates and promotes physical endurance. Vitamin B6 supports metabolism and also promotes a greater strength and endurance.

    Discover an incredible boost to your physical capacity with Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition. One of the reasons why carnitine is a continually sought-after dietary supplement for sports practice is that it naturally promotes the increased nitric oxide in the body. This favors vasodilation, that is, an increase in the capacity of the blood vessels.

    As a result, the muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, which profoundly increases endurance and performance during your workouts. In addition, you will also have less damage to your muscles and an incredible improvement in recovery. In men, Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition increases the sensitivity of androgen receptors, thus improving the effects of free testosterone in your body.

    You should also consider that Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition, makes your body use fat as a source of energy. It encourages you to resort to it, even before using carbohydrates, which preserves the glycogen levels stored in the muscles for longer.

    This is related to the action of carnitine in the body, since it promotes the arrival of fatty acids to the mitochondria, which also has an important influence on reducing overweight. Therefore, you can also include it as an aid in a slimming diet. It has also been made from wonderful 100% natural flavors, which you will surely enjoy.

    Recommended daily dose of Carnishot 3000 from Amix Nutrition:

    • Take 1 vial per day.
    • Take a few 30 minutes before your workouts.
    • Respect the recommended dose.

    Customer reviews: Carnishot 3000 - 60 ml

    3 Reviews
    I take it before training and it's great it shows from the first weeks and the price is cool
    very good product I recommend it to everyone the truth is that I ENCHANTED IT AND IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE AND IN THE TIME THAT WE ARE THAT IS APPRECIATED
    Convenient format to take and take before training to help lose body fat.
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