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Nitro BCAA Plus - 500g

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Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core is a refreshing and excellent flavored drink to protect and stimulate muscle recovery after intense workouts. It is a highly concentrated formula of branched amino acids (BCAAs) with the important amino acid L-glutamine.

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    Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core, the best way to have an ideal recovery after a long and intense workout.

    Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core is a food supplement based on branched amino acids (BCAAs) enriched with micronized L-Glutamine. BCAAs are considered essential amino acids, meaning the body can not synthesize them by itself and must be incorporated through diet or supplements. In addition, the formula of Nitro BCAA Plus contains vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine. This vitamin reduces fatigue and tiredness, stimulates nervous system maintenance, muscle performance and energy production.

    Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core has also been enriched with the amino acid L-Glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. It is vital in cases of prolonged stress, intense training and recovery from injury. L-Glutamine stimulates the hydration of cells, in addition, it is the amino acid that has greater ability to form glucose and glycogen at the liver level, which is a great help in recovery processes. Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core can be combined with a wide range of products according to the needs of the athlete.

    Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core is not only a drink of great solubility and available in 5 delicious refreshing flavors, it will also protect and recover your muscle tissue after the most intense workouts. Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core is designed for all types of athletes, especially fitness sportsmen who want an extra supply of amino acids and glutamine. Amix nutrition is a company that has become one of the leading reference brands within sports nutrition and its wide range of supplements is the chosen one by athletes from all over the world.

    Facts of Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core

    • Maintains muscle mass by avoiding catabolism during intense physical activity.
    • Stimulates muscle building and recovery after exercise.
    • Decreases fatigue during prolonged muscle exercise.
    • Serves as a source of energy if there is a carbohydrate deficit.
    • Helps people on strict diets that want to protect their muscle mass.
    • Ideal for athletes who perform intense, prolonged or high-performance and demanding trainings.

    Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core is the perfect supplement for any type of athletes. Created to aid in recovery and muscle building after a long and hard workout. It is also perfect for people on strict diets that want to protect their muscle mass. Try it and you will be impressed with the amazing results you will get consuming Nitro BCAA Plus from Amix Muscle Core.

    Recommended Use: mix 10 g (2 ladles) of this product with 250 ml of water and take immediately after physical activity.

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