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AK Laboratories is a supplier of sports supplements that offers a very wide range of products for all kinds of athletes. It emerged in France in the pharmaceutical field after an exhaustive stage of research, to offer athletes from all over the world very effective means that provide power, effective strength and quality.

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REBAJASWhey 80 - 2 kg
Whey 80 - 2 kgprotein
Whey 80 from AK Laboratories is a new hyperproteic supplement made from a potent concentrate...
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REBAJASIso 85 - 2 kg
Iso 85 - 2 kgWhey Protein Isolate
Iso 85 from AK Laboratories is an ideal nutritional supplement for athletes who strive for...
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REBAJASBcaas+gl - 1 kg
BCAAs + GL - 1 kgGlutamine + BCAA
BCAAs + GL from AK Laboratories is a dietary supplement based on branched-chain amino acids,...
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REBAJASGain mass - 2.5 kg
Gain Mass - 2.5 kgGainers
Gain Mass from Ak Laboratories is a supplement that will give you everything you need to gain...
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REBAJASBcaas - 1 kg
BCAAs - 1 kgBCAAs
BCAAs from AK Laboratories is a food supplement in powder format that contains a potent...
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REBAJASBcaa's - 150 capsules
BCAAs - 150 capsulesBCAAs
BCAAs  is a highly powerful supplement from AK Laboratories that contains the most essential...
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REBAJASArginine - 120 capsules
Arginine - 120 capsulesArginine
Arginine by AK Laboratories is a supplement that provides nitrogen monoxide to the body of...
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REBAJASCarnitin - 500 ml
Carnitin - 500 mlL-Carnitine
Carnitin from AK Laboratories is a supplement rich in L-carnitine, which is an amino acid...
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REBAJASB - 100 (vitamin complex) - 100 capsules
B-100 (Vitamin Complex) - 100 capsulesVitamin B
B-100 (Vitamin Complex) from AK Laboratories is a natural vitamin complex that is made from...
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REBAJASGain mass - 3.8 kg
Gain mass - 3.8 kgGainers
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AK Laboratories is a company created in France, which works every day to offer millions of athletes efficient support for their physical activity. Its team, made up of the best health and nutrition professionals, is in charge of satisfying each of the necessary aspects to carry out a great workout.

They know each of the circumstances that are ideal to increase the physical capacity of an athlete, such as muscle gain, recovery, and increased strength. They carry out detailed studies of the behavior of an athlete, and based on this they develop products that satisfy different kinds of needs.

Strength and efficiency are indisputable points on which AK Laboratories keeps its focus. All its ingredients are selected to provide the body with concentrated nutrients that increase vitality and do so quickly and perceptibly.

Its consumption makes it possible to reach maximum power in all kinds of activities. They simply reinforce the nutrients present in a healthy sports diet.

AK Laboratories helps trainings reach the highest quality. The greatest of efforts requires the best supplementation, and only high-quality supplements from this company contribute what is necessary to achieve the most ambitious goals.

Its line of supplements includes the best fat burners that provide the most powerful active components, which promote the reduction of excess lipids in the body.

You can trust the highest quality supplements from AK Laboratories. The production circuit of this company begins with research and development that considers the deepest needs of both elite athletes and beginners. This is the starting point by which they consider the most advanced options to fill elevated requirements and needs.

Then they continue with the production in which natural components of the highest quality with powerful active components are used. In this part of the elaboration of supplements, they use advanced technologies and methods that offer the best results.

AK Laboratories also applies a detailed quality control, in which they test each of their supplements in order to guarantee that they maintain the highest quality and safety. And when it has been confirmed that they meet international standards, they proceed to their commercialization.

AK Laboratories' line of sports supplements has a strategic online distribution, effectively reaching numerous countries. The same service is responsible for maintaining an effective line of communication that settles the doubts of its buyers, providing them with the highest level of information.

In the same way, these products are marketed to the best online electronic stores, which offer only the best options for a healthy life and to succeed in challenging training.