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AFW Strength is an extraordinary brand dedicated to sports advice and equipment throughout Spain, formed by a team of committed professionals from the fitness sector, who provide solutions that adapt to new sports disciplines and activities such as cross-training, functional training and classes. collective, always meeting the requirements and demands of the market.

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15% dtoRound dumbbells pu - 27.5 kg AFW Strength - 1
Round dumbbells pu - 27.5 kgDumbbells
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19% dtoRound dumbbells pu - 25 kg AFW Strength - 1
Round dumbbells pu - 25 kgDumbbells
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WITH DISCOUNTHexagonal dumbbells - 25Kg AFW Strength - 1
Hexagonal dumbbells - 25KgDumbbells
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WITH DISCOUNTDumbbells rubber ng - 22.5 kg AFW Strength - 1
Dumbbells rubber ng - 22.5 kgDumbbells
Rubber Dumbbells NG from AFW Strength is made up of 2 high-quality pieces that cannot be...
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WITH DISCOUNTRound dumbbells pu - 22.5 kg AFW Strength - 1
Round dumbbells pu - 22.5 kgDumbbells
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WITH DISCOUNT23% dtoVinyl dumbbells - 1 kg AFW Strength - 1
Vinyl dumbbells - 1 kgDumbbells
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WITH DISCOUNTGymball Antiburst - 65 cm AFW Strength - 2
Gymball Antiburst - 65 cmAcondicionamiento
Gymball Antiburst from AFW Strength is an exercise ball you must have in your training gear....
WITH DISCOUNTGymball Antiburst - 55 cm AFW Strength - 1
Gymball Antiburst - 55 cmAcondicionamiento
Gymball Antiburst from AFW is a ball to work out, which will be very useful to exercise the...
WITH DISCOUNTAb wheel made by AFW Strength within crunches
Ab wheelCrunches
WITH DISCOUNTAdjustable cuffs blow de AFW Strength
Adjustable cuffs blowDumbbells
AFW Blow Adjustable Dumbbells are excellent dumbbells made of high quality steel and rubber...
WITH DISCOUNTAdjustable dumps pro de AFW Strength
Adjustable dumps proDumbbells
AFW Pro Adjustable Dumbbells are two excellent dumbbells, each one made up of 12 discs (6 on...
WITH DISCOUNTCervical protector de AFW Strength
Cervical protectorAcondicionamiento
AFW Cervical Protector is a cervical protector made of foam rubber and covered with lycra. It is...
WITH DISCOUNTKettlebell adjustable de AFW Strength
Kettlebell adjustableDumbbells
AFW Adjustable Kettlebell is an adjustable kettlebell made with excellent material, which allows...
WITH DISCOUNTRack de sentadillas de AFW Strength
Rack de sentadillasMultistation Machines
Folding Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar.
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AFW Strength is an own brand of Oss Fitness, a Spanish company dedicated to advice and comprehensive equipment for sports facilities, which is why it has established itself since its inception as one of the most representative and current brands of sports equipment throughout Spain and also at an international level, since it has expanded its borders, entering with great force and success in the markets of countries such as France, Portugal, Turkey and Finland. AFW Strength is a brand with extensive experience in the manufacture and distribution of sports equipment for gyms, boxes, personal training centers, among others, always meeting the needs and demands of its consumers who every day seek effectiveness and quality in their equipment to offer the best at all times, allowing to know the real needs of its clients and in this way to be able to help them with great efficiency to design and plan their training space.

AFW Strength offers a large number and variety of high-performance items that can be classified into several categories, they are: crosstraining, functional training, free weight, among others, so that any sports material can be easily located within the excellent range that it offers, in addition these articles are the result of the optimization of the manufacturing process that, without reducing the quality of each sports piece, allows easy accessibility to it. AFW Strength offers you a line of articles developed under the original essence and roots of weightlifting sports, but modernized and adapted to current times, designed even for high competition, fully endorsed and designed by experts in the field.

AFW Strength manufactures and distributes professional cardio, strength and indoor cycling equipment, with advanced quality control, high availability, technical service, training and even personalized design, so it will undoubtedly give you great satisfaction when using its items; on the other hand, it is responsible with all the communities of which it is a part, which guarantees its high social commitment in all senses. AFW Strength supports your healthy lifestyle, providing you with quality equipment so that you can carry out your training routine in the best possible way, becoming your ally so that you can achieve each and every one of the goals you have set for yourself.

AFW Strength carries the premise that the client comes first, working with the purpose of offering a quality service to its consumers, whose demands are what drive its development, offering answers to their immediate requirements and needs, it is also a company dedicated , recognized for the respect and trust of its customers, continuously improving to offer innovation and effectiveness at all times. In the same way, the human team that works in this brand is committed to providing an agile and effective service; Therefore, without a doubt, every day it is positioned as one of the best sports equipment companies at a national and international level.