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Soy Pro from Activlab is a high-quality soy protein nutritional supplement, used as an alternative to milk-based protein. This food supplement is an excellent option since soy protein is rich in BCAAs, glutamine and arginine. It is one of the most complete and beneficial plant proteins.

    Soy Pro from Activlab offers a perfect alternative to dairy foods.

    It is a 100% natural and high-quality protein, which is quite comparable to animal proteins, such as meat, milk and egg. Furthermore, Soy Pro from Activlab is a very important source of protein in the diet, because every day it can help children and adults to adequately satisfy their amino acid needs.

    There are more and more people deciding to bet and take advantage of the important benefits of Soy Pro from Activlab. This recommended 100% plant food supplement, is a complete source of valuable essential amino acids that affect each intake in a positive way in vital functions for the organism.

    Unlike animal proteins, Soy Pro from Activlab is a 100% free alternative of cholesterol, saturated fats and other elements that can be harmful to your health. In addition, Soy Pro from Activlab is quite suitable for lactose intolerant and can be very useful for substituting meat.

    The benefits of Soy Pro from Activlab support the nutrition of athletes or fitness lovers. In fact, this excellent food supplement has become one of the best whey protein options, especially for those who want to follow a vegan diet.

    Nutrition facts of Soy Pro from Activlab:

    • Lactose-free.
    • Vegan.
    • Carbohydrates.
    • Easy to digest.

    Components of Soy Pro from Activlab:

    Among its ingredients, we can find the following:

    • Soy protein isolate.
    • Aroma.
    • Acidity regulator: citric acid.
    • Thickeners: E466.
    • Sweeteners: E950 and E951.
    • Coloring: E124 (strawberry flavor), E150c (chocolate flavor), E171 (vanilla flavor).

    Soy Pro from Activlab contains a source of phenylalanine, derived from soy and may also contain traces of dairy, eggs, wheat, and nuts.

    What is achieved by taking Soy Pro from Activlab?

    Soy Pro from Activlab  is a macronutrient with quite important functions in your body, as they are at a structural level, since it is part of cells, tissues and organs; also at the immunological level, due to its ability to form antibodies, and at the regulatory level, it successfully intervenes in the biochemical processes of our body.

    One of the benefits of Soy Pro from Activlab is its ability to improve digestion. Thanks to its high contribution of vitamins of group B, Soy Pro from Activlab  intervenes in the enzymatic processes that help to have an optimal digestive process.

    Thanks to its balanced supply of essential amino acids, Soy Pro from Activlab  is ideal for caring for and satisfactorily increasing muscle mass. Its assimilation helps day by day to reduce the degradation of muscle fibers and correctly prevents fatigue after your workouts.

    Soy Pro from Activlab  can adequately help control possible high levels of cholesterol. In fact, this food supplement increases the segregation of good cholesterol (HDL), which is well known for its excellent ability to remove harmful lipids from arteries.

    Recommended daily dose of Soy Pro from Activlab:

    • Take 30 g of powder (mixed with 250 ml of water) twice daily between meals.
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