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BCAA Xtra Drink - 250 ml

BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is a refreshing and delicious pasteurized drink, low in calories and contains no fat. It is essential to renew the energies consumed during your workout sessions, whether intense, recreational or professional. No matter your training, BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is ideal to hydrate you.

    BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab: strength and vitality at all times!

    BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is an incredible liquid sports supplement, which includes three (3) essential amino acids to provide your body with vitality. You will quickly feel its refreshing and delicious flavor at the same time that it helps you perform in physical and mental training. It also helps you regain your energy and feel like a new person. It is excellent to be consumed before, during or after your workout sessions, thus providing your muscle mass with protection and growth.

    What are the main characteristics of BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab?

    • Stimulant of protein in the body's muscles.
    • Perfect adjuvant in the maintenance of muscles.
    • Acts as an organizer of protein metabolism.
    • Prevents the process of muscle destruction caused by lack of energy.
    • Prevents the wasting of muscle mass.
    • Source of energy you need, both for your body and mind.
    • Prevents fatigue.
    • Contains no fats or carbohydrates.

    What does BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab provide?

    BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is a refreshing and delicious drink that comes in an attractive tin ideal to store its flavor without wasting any of its nutrients; we are referring to 250 ml, enough to restore the vitality your body really needs after doing your workouts. It is an easy presentation to take and enjoy whenever you want.

    Each container of BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab contains water, l-leucine, acidity regulator, citric acid, carbon dioxide, aroma, sweeteners, coloring sucralose: beta-carotene. In each container you will find up to 4000 mg of BCAAs.

    What is BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab taken for?

    Activlab is a brand that actively works to generate athletic supplements that respond to your requirements, that is, Activlab brand exists to take care of your health. For this reason, it creates BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab, a delicious drink based on BCAA, an ally that supplements the nutrients of leucine, isolencin and valine your body really needs and cannot produce by itself.

    The most surprising thing about BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is that it protects your muscle mass and promotes its growth, which makes it a functional drink that will help you to improve your physical performance to recover your energy lost during your workouts without any complication.

    The refreshing BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is the great supplement for athletes, men and women who really seek to take care of their body and continue having energy for their daily activities. BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab is your best ally when it comes to training! Do not stay without trying it!

    Recommended daily dose of BCAA Xtra Drink from Activlab:

    • Ideal to take it before, during or after your workouts.
    • For greater stamina and recovery during your workouts restore in the body the amino acids consumed.
    • Provides 250 ml that can be utterly tasted every day. It is even such a refreshing drink you can take it in your day-to-day lifestyle even when you travel.
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