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Hair requires splendid care, and more, when it comes to girls' hair, well, it radiates fabulous beauty and shows how much we take care of ourselves every day. Now, there are as many types of hair as there are incredible hair treatments, such as long, short, curly, soft, rigid, fine and thick hair, which is why they require so much care in their maintenance.

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Beautyrose in 120 tablets of the section hair care made by AllNutrition
Beautyrose - 120 tabletsAllNutrition
Beautyrose from AllNutrition is ideal for helping to maintain skin, hair and nails in optimal...
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37% dtoHair 3.0 building fibers blonde
Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde - Prisma NaturalPrisma Natural
With Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural, the hair is delivered with a dose of...
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37% dtoHair 3.0 building fibers blonde - Prisma Natural Prisma Natural - 1
Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde - Prisma NaturalPrisma Natural
Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Light Blonde from Prisma Natural is a capillary product highly...
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15% dtoFlorisene package of 90 tablets of the section hair care by Lamberts
Florisene - 90 TabletsLamberts
Florisene from Lamberts is a food supplement specially formulated to hair loss, mainly the one...
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Conditioner nordic birch urtekram - 250 ml
Urtekram Nordic Birch Conditioner - 180 mlBiocop
Urtekram Nordic Birch Conditioner from Biocop  is a pleasant conditioner that protects your...
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10% dtoBeauty pack of 60 capsules made by VitoBest in the section of hair care
Beauty - 60 capsulesVitoBest
- 100 %
Vitobest Beauty is a dietary supplement that provides selected nutrients that support the...
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Optihair pack of 60 capsules of the section hair care of the brand Scientiffic Nutrition
Optihair - 60 capsulesScientiffic Nutrition
Optihair from Scientific Nutrition, is a food supplement made up of plant extracts, vitamin B3...
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Shampoo red fruits urtekram - 250 ml
Shampoo Red Fruits Urtekram - 250 mlBiocop
Shampoo Red Fruits Urtekram from Biocop is the perfect shampoo for the care of your hair, as it...
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15% dtoFolic acid in 100 tabs of the brand Lamberts of the section hair care
Folic acid - 100 tabsLamberts
Folic acid from Lamberts is an excellent food supplement which is precursor to DNA and RNA...
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Coconut oil - 100ml
Coconut oil - 100mlMarnys
Marnys Coconut Oil is a great product for personal use derived from coconut pulp and is...
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Coconut oil - 500ml
Coconut Oil - 500 mlMarnys
Coconut Oil from Marnys is a great product for personal use made from coconut flesh and is...
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Centella asiatica - 60 tablets
Centella asiatica - 60 tabletsEladiet
Centella Asiatica from Eladiet is a dietary supplement that day by day helps to maintain venous...
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Enervital capilar package of 60 capsules in the section of hair care made by Mundo Natural
Enervital capilar - 60 capsulesMundo Natural
Enervital from Mundonatural is a food supplement in capsules that contains biotin, minerals,...
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Spectacular hair entails healthy care and magnificent nutrition

Hair is a mega fundamental organ for the body, especially because it protects the scalp extremely well from the intense and strong rays of the sun, in addition, it fulfills a very fantastic aesthetic function every day, therefore, its care is mega important, since a very incredibly strengthened, shiny and nourished hair will keep us entirely healthy. To take care of it, it is necessary to use a very good diet, as well as take vitamins, minerals, and of course, use fantastic care products to achieve a super great hair beauty.

How to take fantastic care of hair and make it truly healthy?

Hair is like any other living organ, for this reason, it requires to be very well nourished, both internally and externally, so to enjoy beautiful, strong and healthy hair, it is extremely necessary to be able to follow a daily routine of special care. , such as washing it with exceptional products, combing it carefully, eating well, drinking plenty of water, not using dryers or irons so often, much less constantly subjecting the hair to artificial applications, such as dyes, smoothing treatments, among others.

How many types of hair are there and what fabulous care does each one require?

Not all hair behaves in the same way, because some tend to be more greasy, others drier, in fact, most of them are very mistreated, but the good thing is that knowing the type of hair, we can give it the well-deserved daily treatment that so much requires. Thus, within the list, we find dry hair, which, at first glance, greatly lacks attractive luminosity, and is normally brittle. For this hair, it is a requirement to drink a lot of water, eat well, and apply moisturizing creams.

Secondly, there is oily hair that is ultra-oily, so much so that it often gets dirty easily, so for those with this type of hair, it is not suggested to wash it daily, but rather to alternate washings, and preferably, use anti-fat shampoos and masks. Also, normal hair is the luckiest, since it is in very good condition, in that sense, these hair shine, have elasticity, are silky and mega resistant. In this case, the only thing to keep it is to steer clear of artificial or very strong cosmetics.

What excellent products available on the hair care market are the most ideal for daily washing and/or care?

There is a large and varied multitude of hair treatments on the market, but the most recommended are those made with organic and natural compounds, since they are less aggressive with the delicate and subtle cells of the scalp, and obviously with the hair strands. even, due to their natural properties, they also make the hair grow much more nourished and mega radiant. For example, shampoos, conditioners, masks or ampoules based on aloe vera are the best cosmetic accessories for fabulous care, since this plant leaves hair silky, shiny, and luckily, it is suitable for super oily, dry and maltreated.

It is important that in addition to this, the super wonderful nutritious creams are added to the routine, since they are applied from the roots to the ends, accelerating the nutrition and growth of beautiful hair. Generally, we can find them with an extensive infinity of amazing organic formulations, such as nourishing creams with argan oil, olive oil, beeswax, oat extracts, sheep's placenta, among others.