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When the sun shines in spring, we all want to show off a spectacular tan that makes us look radiant, young and fresh. However, there is much we need to know about this art to do it taking the precautions that will allow us to stay healthy during and after this process.

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Importance of Tan

Why do we all want to have tanned skin and a temperature that is suitable for exposing our skin to the sun?

Because we all like to have golden skin. That is why we are able to spend a good part of our free time under the powerful rays of the sun to look like magazine models.

However, there are quick ways to get a perfect tan, such as home tanning , obtained through self-tanning, as well as the possibility of darkening our skin with short sunbed sessions.

Therefore, we can summarize the importance of tanning by listing the following aspects:

  • Beauty
  • Status
  • Freshness
  • Youth
  • healthy appearance

But nothing is without danger, much less a tan, so it is necessary to take care of our skin before, during and after tanning with the advice that we give you below.

How to Take Care of Our Skin to Get the Perfect Tan Without Risks

The sun is harmful at any time, not only in the hottest hours, but it is also beneficial, even essential for bone health, for this reason we must learn to benefit from it without harming ourselves.

Filter: when we are going to expose ourselves to UV rays, either in natural sunlight or in a sunbed, it is necessary to apply a 50 filter sunscreen to protect against rays. The filter needs to be reapplied after each time we get out of the water, as well as needing to be renewed every two hours.

Moisturizing: It is vitally important that the skin is always moisturized, both before it goes through the exposure process and after the tan has taken hold. We will achieve this task with moisturizing creams and lotions for any time of the day as well as with the help of those that are specific for after tanning, since they contain aloe vera.

Food: it is impossible, almost utopian, to talk about skin health without a balanced diet. Although we must wear it all year round, during the tanning period it is much more important. Fruits and vegetables should be the basis of our daily meals. We will pay special attention to the pumpkin and the carrot, since their pigments go to the skin, making the tan take place much faster, with which we will be saving time of sun exposure, which translates into a skin more fury. Finally, we will always keep in mind to drink a minimum of two liters of water a day.