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Body Moisturizers

This category contains special products to give special care to your skin with a variety of items that will give your skin the moisture it loses throughout the day.

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Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) - 100ml
Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) - 100mlPrisma Natural
Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) is a product of topical use that brings vitality, softness and...
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Tea tree oil - 500ml
Tea tree oil - 50 mlPrisma Natural
If you are having problems with your skin, scalp, psoriasis, eczema, irritations, etc. Tea tree...
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Cream collagen plus - 50ml
Cream Collagen Plus - 50mlPrisma Natural
Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is an excellent product of topical use, ideal for...
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Coconut oil - 100ml
Coconut oil - 100mlMarnys
Marnys Coconut Oil is a great product for personal use derived from coconut pulp and is...
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14% dtoBody lotion no perfume urtekram - 245 ml
Urtekram No Perfume Body Lotion - 245 mlBiocop
Urtekram No Perfume Body Lotion from Biocop is a good moisturizer, which is highly recommended...
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Rose hip oil - 500ml
Rose Hip Oil - 50mlPrisma Natural
Rose Hip Oil from Prisma Natural is an ideal nutritional oil to perform any type of massage, to...
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Green clay - 100g
Green clay - 100gSakai
Green Clay from Sakai Laboratories is pure green clay dried in the sun for external application,...
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